Everything Wrong With Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole in 16 Minutes or Less

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Before the Snyder Cut... there was Legend of the Guardians: the Owls of Ga'Hoole, an animated adventure that is pretty confusing but not terrible. Shoot... I don't review movies; I count sins. And I did that, so here we go.
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  • Zaeryth
    ZaerythDay ago

    Ah yes, one of the films that led me on my way to make my fursona a bird!

  • Stories with Lord Duffield
    Stories with Lord DuffieldDay ago

    I watched this when it came out on DVD and I made sure my bird was in the room watching, and no word of a lie the bird died that night.

  • Froakie Juju
    Froakie Juju2 days ago

    I _hated_ this movie when I first watched it just because it removed Hortense. Hortense was the best character!

  • strange
    strange2 days ago

    12:00 actually, in the books there were eagles aswell and later in the books dire wolves become a important part of the plot

  • Oliver Cane
    Oliver Cane3 days ago

    The writers in this movie looked at the source material, but were too lazy to actually explain the lore like in the books, and then just ended up mashing a bunch of completely different things together, and then made some crap up. You should really read the books.

  • Oliver Cane
    Oliver Cane3 days ago

    1:31, screech owls will actually pick up blind snakes to keep their nests clean from parasites. This detail was adopted from the book, (way better in my opinion), which was based on real life.

  • Sergio Andres Contreras
    Sergio Andres Contreras3 days ago

    I still love this movie despite everything you said. Because to me, there’s nothing wrong with this movie.

  • Jo Roja
    Jo Roja4 days ago

    The parents were actually killed by Kludd, who was Metal Beak himself in the books. And a lot of the skipped plot in the movie is actually explained / is more understandable if you’ve read them. Anyway, the animation in the movie was nice, but personally I didn’t quite like how they did the story and really much prefer the book series.

  • Mc Seota
    Mc Seota4 days ago

    1:23 Owls actually do adopt blind snakes, they do this because the snakes will eat insect larvae that can hurt the baby owls and lessen the chances of their survival

  • Alexandra Grigore
    Alexandra Grigore5 days ago

    why idiots people dont look at animation and just critic and how mutch efort

  • Endergamer
    Endergamer6 days ago

    The real sin is its 17 minutes

  • Emily John
    Emily John6 days ago

    Fun fact the blind snake as a house keeper is based on an actually fact. Some species of owls will find a species of blind snake and keep them as house keepers because they keep the nest free of many kinds of parasites and unwanted creatures

  • Mandich Titty Smitty Of Cameltoe
    Mandich Titty Smitty Of Cameltoe6 days ago

    The fact that the animation can compete with big time movies of today, baffles me. Note that this movie was made by computer geeks and lots of love. A true piece of art.

  • TheHydrakeHydra
    TheHydrakeHydra6 days ago

    I’ve been wondering if you’d ever do this! Visually stunning but I’ve seen reviews (and read like half the books because my school library didn’t have all the books) and it just really isn’t loyal to the books. Another thing is how I think it would work better as a movie series or tv series. More buildup, not so rushed and there’s time to explain things.

  • Jordin Celine
    Jordin Celine6 days ago

    My boyfriend had never heard of this series and the only way I could explain was owl n@zis. Still highly underrated.

  • NutmegBGB
    NutmegBGB7 days ago

    The reason humans are completely absent in this movie and in the book series it's based on is because humans as a species have gone extinct in this universe/timeline. If I remember correctly (it's been awhile since I've read the books), we are referred to as the Ancients or something like that. It's very possible that any architecture that wasn't made by the owls is a remnant of human civilization.

  • Magickjelly
    Magickjelly7 days ago

    I got an ad for fast and furious 9 in this video and it reminded me of how infinitely superior this owl movie is

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther8 days ago

    Are they planning on making a sequel to this movie?

  • ThatFamiIiarNight
    ThatFamiIiarNight9 days ago

    Fun fact: if you search “stupid ass owl movie” on google, this comes up!

  • sic
    sic9 days ago

    This was still a good movie

  • Kody Meyers
    Kody Meyers9 days ago

    this movie was amaizing I don't get why you say its wrong and why they did not made more

  • sleepydeer
    sleepydeer10 days ago

    the plot never made exact sense to me. But this animation is absolutely ASTOUNDING. Yes the graphics are great, but do you know how fucking hard it is to capture an owls movements in semi-realism 3D animation when this first came out in theaters??? EXTREMELY. There is so many little details that makes this movie stunning in all ways. Is it a kids movie? No. No it's not. Fight me on it if you want. But shit like warrior cats and guardians should be 12+ at least. It pisses me off when someone says "But this is a KIDS movie!" Just because animals are the main focus doesn't make it directed to kids. Literally look at Watership down lmao.

  • Caged cats
    Caged cats10 days ago

    I loved this as a kid, it brings back memories, although this was scary at the time 🤧

  • Toxic Suriken
    Toxic Suriken11 days ago

    I love owl city at the end of the movie that sing still carries my childhood

  • wertbin
    wertbin11 days ago

    Lies and slander. This movie is perfect.

  • Maxolotl
    Maxolotl11 days ago

    He keeps saying 'did the director do so-and-so' but he doesn't know this was based off of a book

  • Quincy K.
    Quincy K.12 days ago

    I've never read the books but I loved the film as a child. I hope there will be a faithful reboot one day

  • Carlos Ace
    Carlos Ace12 days ago

    amazing how a film from 10 years ago still is so loved to this day. i’m still hoping for a Legend of The Guardians 2

  • VenomQuill
    VenomQuill13 days ago

    Like Warriors (cats) before it, this book series was incredibly gruesome. Some owl chick gets gored by his best friend's mother while his father lives and dies in depression after his wife dies. This was a favorable outcome, considering the mother was "prepping" him to _murder is only/best friend in an evil ritual._ On a completely unrelated note, some blacksmith's pacifistic son gored an owl in a gang trying to fight him and sId owl fell into the ocean. Or when an alpha wolf all but casually tears out the eye of a subordinate who makes a deal with the evil owl mother for some reason. This is only talking about blood and gore, not to mention non-physical shit like the grooming Klud went through and actual child abduction/slavery/abuse/murder. This movie was tame. The books never pulled a punch.

  • Jess Wong
    Jess Wong13 days ago

    Is no one ever going to talk about how metalbeak's partner supposedly broke her wing and then was still able to fly away?

  • Amie
    Amie13 days ago

    Else do you snakes to clean therer nest

  • Matt Ferreri
    Matt Ferreri14 days ago

    I honestly completely forgot about this movie. I saw it in theaters with my friends because one of them was super obsessed with owls. I honestly dont remember it at all LOL

  • ElJorro
    ElJorro14 days ago

    The over simplify moon blinking in the movie. Its actually some kind of brainwashing.

  • kenku stealyboi
    kenku stealyboi14 days ago

    Damn this is some amazing animation like really jesus

  • 3rin
    3rin14 days ago

    4:53 I laughed so loud at this my brother asked what I was doing

  • 3rin
    3rin14 days ago

    0:32 my media comm./film teacher looking at my senior project

  • Allison Stone
    Allison Stone14 days ago

    i love this movie but fun fun sin man

  • Mike Medlin
    Mike Medlin14 days ago

    The books were much better

  • Maple Moose
    Maple Moose14 days ago

    I love this movie and want to read the books, but I now realize that reading the books will ruin my most favorite movie- but it’s a price to pay for learning the real story

  • Awerty
    Awerty15 days ago

    Christ I barely remember this film. Fuck.

  • /*Swift_Horn*\
    /*Swift_Horn*\15 days ago

    Count all the swear words everyone!

  • Gman Plays Games
    Gman Plays Games16 days ago

    gah they departed so much from the books with this movie. they were clearly trying to compress the events of the first 5 or 6 books out of a series of 16 into one movie, so they cut a lot of corners with the plot and altered some details. in the books Kludd IS Metal Beak, a name which he took after losing half his face in a duel to the death with the last leader of the Pure Ones (the High Tyto), Saint Aggie's is its own place run by their own organization, and is ultimately an orphanage gone haywire and bent on conformity, the Pure Ones ultimately take it over later on in the series to use as a base of operations, after Soren and Gylfie's escape. Ms. P literally has no eyes in the books so they got her design wrong, and Soren and Gylfie are literally chicks at the start of the books, SOren only grows his flight primaries while they are at St. Aggie's. it's a shame the animation and voice acting were so good because they flubbed the writing HARD. go read the books y'all they're bloody fantastic and the movie does NOT do them justice.

  • Patrick Blanchette
    Patrick Blanchette16 days ago

    12:10 It’s shown in the books that while their world once had humans (long ago), they have now vanished.

  • Gabija Za
    Gabija Za16 days ago

    Movie is so bad because they tried to fit six books in around 2 hours movie, oh and Sorens parents actualy die in the books, and they can only see theyr ghosts

  • Alexzander
    Alexzander16 days ago

    Well jeremy everybody craps too but you dont like seeing that do you?

  • The BepBop
    The BepBop17 days ago

    If you love the movie or books, I would just like to let you know that the fandom is still active, and even developing and animating a fanmade sequel. Try joining the Ga'hoole Universe Discord server if you are interested in joining the remaining fanbase!

  • Quagmire giggity
    Quagmire giggity17 days ago

    They had to travel to gabdjhxjjtgchicihfkf to kill irsdgknohyyfyyfhfhfufpuillkngee simple

  • London Jackson
    London Jackson18 days ago

    16:42 had me laughing my ass off

  • Hypershadic23
    Hypershadic2318 days ago

    This movie was so god damn confusing to me as a kid

  • Kia G
    Kia G18 days ago

    I personally think the books are better than this movie. I mean, the movie just forgot about all the important stuff that were mentioned in the books And since you were talking about harry potter, Kludd got some Draco attitude but Kludd is just a brat while Draco was manipulated by his Loreal Advert of a Father Lucius

  • Sammy Field
    Sammy Field18 days ago

    I personally love this movie even if it's not faithful to the books then again I haven't read the books but still. It really doesnt deserve the hate it got.

  • Avatar One four two three one
    Avatar One four two three one18 days ago

    This was my favorite movie when i was a kid but i forgot the name

  • Tiny Demon
    Tiny Demon19 days ago

    I still love this franchise!

  • Jessica Creed
    Jessica Creed19 days ago

    It seems each time I revisit this channel there's more incorrect or not-a-sin sins included :/

  • RobXHolic FoxyFan
    RobXHolic FoxyFan19 days ago

    I read the whole book series back in middle and high school. Also they literally adapted three out of at least over a dozen books, and changed a bunch of stuff, including Soren's parents being dead, and Klidd being part of the plan all along, and also just so much more stuff like Nyra's son, and a ton of other crap. Mrs. P. is actually based on real nature, as is most of the owl biology, most of which is not shown in this movie. Humans are dead in this universe. The whole movie got rid of tons of actual good stuff in exchange for owls being able to turn their eyes and one of my favorite artists being used as unsubtle pun.

  • Grand Canyon
    Grand Canyon20 days ago

    ive read the books -humans are long gone -they needed to become smart for whatever the hell reason -a similar series written by the same author is in this universe as well, "wolves of the beyond"

  • Ruby Guest
    Ruby Guest20 days ago

    the books this movie is based on cover a lot more but then again they also changed the story up just a little bit for the movie to make it a lot more kid friendly

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando21 day ago

    This movie was perfect in my eyes

  • MrWooaa
    MrWooaa21 day ago

    I had no idea this was a real movie, I thought that 30 Rock just made it up.

  • Lilah Philips
    Lilah Philips21 day ago

    lmao, if your question contains the words "where" the character is probably dead

  • n0vellette
    n0vellette22 days ago

    They based the names on the book, so not the writers' fault. It was the author shitting bricks

  • Maggatrix
    Maggatrix22 days ago

    I watched this movie as a kid and had no idea what was going on

  • Anime Gaming69
    Anime Gaming6922 days ago

    Is it just me or did anyone else confuse this movie with rise of guardians

  • tele vision
    tele vision23 days ago

    I watched this religiously as a child

  • Justin Peterson
    Justin Peterson23 days ago

    I had game of this when I was 9 it was shit

  • Cloaked Kobold
    Cloaked Kobold23 days ago

    Can't wait to see Thebirdman do this one with how much Jeremy already sinned.

  • Tang Anson
    Tang Anson23 days ago

    I swear, this feels more realistic in the books than the movie. Also, this is a movie on flying, not owls.

  • Dragon Cannoli Studios
    Dragon Cannoli Studios25 days ago

    The *real* sin of this movie is how they tried to shove 16 books worth of beautiful world building and a great plot into one less than mediocre movie

  • Mae McCardle
    Mae McCardle25 days ago

    This movie was so tame compared to the books-which where SO much better then the movie as well. The animation is so beautiful tho

  • Daft Doodle
    Daft Doodle25 days ago

    I love these books and this was one of my favorite movies as a kid. What really irritates me is how unfaithful to the books this movie is. The animation is quite gorgeous though.

  • John Queen
    John Queen25 days ago

    I actually read these books they were pretty good.

  • Zaid Al-omari
    Zaid Al-omari25 days ago

    Read the book series and you will understand why there is a snake in the nest jeez

  • Zaid Al-omari
    Zaid Al-omari25 days ago

    Ok, I love cinemasins, but I can NOT forgive you insulting one of my favorite movies/books series.

  • Ryan Seney Cunningham
    Ryan Seney Cunningham25 days ago

    I’d convinced myself that I’d dreamed this movie and it only existed to me.

  • Katie Kate

    Katie Kate

    23 days ago

    Oh my god same like it was so weird because I watched it the first time somewhere (I don’t remember) then I could never find it again, even forgot what it was called. After that I asked some people and they couldn’t figure it out either so I just thought it had never existed irl and I dreamt the whole entire thing wish

  • Tallulah.
    Tallulah.26 days ago

    This movie Fucking traumatised me and I love it

  • PocketPJ
    PocketPJ26 days ago

    i love this movie as much as treasure planet therefore there is nothing wrong with it.

  • albert mooney
    albert mooney26 days ago

    hehe, sequel.

  • evil art fox
    evil art fox26 days ago

    I don't watch it for the plot, the plot was a bit boring but the visuals- **dies of diabetes from the eye candy**

  • Swordterranean40
    Swordterranean4026 days ago

    12:55 I spotted an uncensor

  • moon yu
    moon yu26 days ago

    I don't care how weak the plot was, because this movie was so goddamn beautiful

  • Jojo
    Jojo26 days ago

    I remember watching this as a small kid, can't remember anything apart from being depressing or something. I think I watched it twice or something then never saw it again

  • tatsukagemarou
    tatsukagemarou26 days ago

    😆Hoobastank fuckin hoobastank🤣

  • Debi Burke
    Debi Burke26 days ago

    Okay in all honesty this needs to be a series instead of a movie There's just way to much in the first book alone to cover in a movie I mean they didn't reach the Great tree until book 2 if I'm remembering it right Not to mention all the shit with the Pure Ones Metal Beak Star sight.........I could go on all day but I would love a show of this

  • Mystic Leo 14
    Mystic Leo 1426 days ago

    Anybody else catch the reference of that "European swallow lugging a coconut" line? I did, and it fucking killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sylvia Abreu
    Sylvia Abreu26 days ago


  • Sylvia Abreu
    Sylvia Abreu26 days ago

    This movie scared the sh t outta me when I was younger!! When their eyes turned white, then I tried to wake up my friends but opening their eyelids and i stg I nearly died!!!!!

  • IamGrooot77
    IamGrooot7727 days ago

    As a kid I was obsessed with the book series and for me, the movies were a massive let down cos they barely followed the story line of the books and it mish mashed different parts of the books and I really wish it was put together better

  • Ginger The Barn Owl
    Ginger The Barn Owl27 days ago

    I not only still love this movie, but at this point I also feel really bad for it. It had SO MUCH potential! And it went yeep and face planted compared to the masterpiece it strived to be. If the writing and dialogue had been a little better and the tone had been steadier, this likely would have gotten a LOT more attention as a franchise, and maybe even earned itself a sequel. But the movie is going on eleven years old now, and there is none in sight...What a shame. What a waste of potential...

  • SugarGirl 188
    SugarGirl 18827 days ago

    I loved this movie :/ and I'm glad someone like you got to see it! Even though the critiques could have been better haha.

  • DISnut
    DISnut28 days ago

    I don't know who reads off the sins, but his voice made me laugh at least once in this one.

  • RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More
    RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More28 days ago

    I'm gonna be honest, the movie adaptation kinda sucked. They tried to compress like 10 books into a couple hours of movie and it shows.

  • Crazy Carver
    Crazy Carver28 days ago

    Lies it’s 17 mins and 9 seconds

  • 51stcenturygirl
    51stcenturygirl29 days ago

    Thanks for the poetry cinema sins. "like I've been litellary penetrated without lubricant" - I'm stealing that one. British parliament comparison was apt.

  • Midnight Lupus
    Midnight Lupus29 days ago

    This movie was so disappointing. The original set of books was so solid and explained everything really well, but this movie took two completely separate enemies and combined them to where it made no sense, changed a bunch of major plot points, and didn't even bother to give the barn owls black eyes (which they have and is pointed out over and over in the books). The Ga'Hoole books would have made a good cartoon series, but this movie basically did the same thing as the Hobbit trilogy did.

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master29 days ago

    Ngl I thought I was the only person on earth who actually saw this movie because I didn’t even know it existed until about a year ago

  • this man
    this manMonth ago

    I'm pretty sure 2 words aren't a sentence

  • Jesse P
    Jesse PMonth ago

    Can't believe you didn't give a sin for When they reveal that Kludd becomes the next Metal beak

  • Duvmasta
    DuvmastaMonth ago

    When owls cough up pellets, they’re basically crapping out of their mouths, like on South Park.

  • Trickpants
    TrickpantsMonth ago

    Why is it annoying that fantasy plots name everything? I get that spouting a bunch of new and weird-sounding names at you rapid-fire will likely mean you don't remember any of them 5 minutes later, but why is it annoying that happens in general?

  • Chloé Prapuolenis
    Chloé PrapuolenisMonth ago

    The animations are incredibles but it's so different from the book that it ruined the whole movie for me