Everything Wrong With Batman: Assault on Arkham in 17 Minutes or Less

Film & Animation

DC's animated division has been cranking out films for years, and most of them are better than the live action DC films. Is Batman: Assault on Arkham one of them? Who cares?! It has sins and that's why you're here.
Next week: Sci-Fi '90s sins and recent horror sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • rnnr 1210
    rnnr 1210Day ago

    I legitimately don't bloody know if he knows the characters or just basing it on "they have the word super in their character group, why don't the act like it" and I'm still here agreeing with some of what he says

  • Fate Breaker
    Fate Breaker6 days ago

    At 6:40......it's called the night shift. I know that YOU KNOW, that was a bullshit sin lol.

  • Lane Minor
    Lane Minor7 days ago

    I really fucking hate how nobody at DC seems to understand what the fuck a storyboard is. The quips about the convoluted entrance to Arkham Asylum and the Joker's escape are right on the money.

  • LK_ 91
    LK_ 919 days ago

    LoL the harley is a cartoon thing got me lol. She's so fine and my wife's favorite character in DC 🤣😆🤣😆🤣

  • qwevvii
    qwevvii10 days ago

    Harley getting caught shouldn't have even alerted batman. If the jokers in jail and harley is obsessed with the joker OF COURSE she'd want to go there. Of course she was actually doing a mission Batman has no reason to think that.

  • evilcartmen Solo
    evilcartmen Solo10 days ago

    Everything i've seen Harley in, her skin is bleached like the Jokers so why does she have her normal skin tone in here? That should be a sin.

  • Tony Khairy

    Tony Khairy

    2 days ago

    This movie is set in the Arkhamverse and in some versions of her origin she is not as white as Joker

  • Symbiote Strength
    Symbiote Strength11 days ago

    It's not weird joker has sex. And his girlfriend who is in canon hot. It'd be weird if he didn't have sex. It'd be weird if he didn't have baby clothes in a movie. Oh fuck maybe the knives and shit were some trophy thing. Like he had the baby clothes cuz he killed preggo ladies.

  • Symbiote Strength
    Symbiote Strength11 days ago

    How does he know that they're in the property locker? Ding. "It's Batman" Clever joke or lack of knowledge?

  • Skywalker
    Skywalker11 days ago

    You should do 'Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay' It's awful.

  • SteadyFang
    SteadyFang11 days ago

    Anyone else notice the sentence he had for this movie was the same one he had for inside out? “Candy apple Island”

  • jamie k man
    jamie k man12 days ago

    If u look next to the video you can see the movie and it says it's pg... PG!

  • watertommyz
    watertommyz13 days ago

    This movie actually takes place in the Arkham Asylum universe game.

  • watertommyz
    watertommyz13 days ago

    DC comics as a sin? Fudge you.

  • Secular Voter
    Secular Voter17 days ago

    Harley hasn't been flying the helicopter successfully; that kinda the point.

  • Secular Voter
    Secular Voter17 days ago

    CinemaSins: But Suicide Squad didn't need to kill people, they could have just knocked him out. You expect a guy with the name King Shark, whose introductory scenes were off bunch of corpses and him bathing in human blood, to pass up killing the inconvenient guard? As if. Plus, if they just knocked him out he could eventually regain consciousness and raise an alert.

  • Secular Voter
    Secular Voter17 days ago

    Arkham isn't a jail; Arkham is an insane asylum repurchased to house the criminally insane (basically, any native Gotham criminals who don't go to Blackgate, the actual prison). If any of these people aside from Harley were simply arrested, they wouldn't be transferred there. Also, going in as a prisoner surrenders freedom of movement - among other things - so why would you want to do that to every single operative, even if you could guarantee somehow that they would all erroneously be transferred to Arkham instead of Blackgate while avoiding the Bat's attention for something that is wildly against protocol?

  • FenyxGaming
    FenyxGaming19 days ago

    Why does Amanda Waller look like kingpin from into the spider verse

  • Jacob Bellinger
    Jacob Bellinger20 days ago

    You forgot to add one more sin at the end. "Why couldn't Deadshot's daughter hear the gunshot? It didn't even have a silencer!"

  • Tony Khairy

    Tony Khairy

    2 days ago

    Because he didn't shot because Batman stopped him

  • plot hole detective
    plot hole detective21 day ago

    Hilarious how you understand having someone cover a shift for you but don't understand how a shift is structured...

  • Foxhound: Special Forces Group
    Foxhound: Special Forces Group21 day ago

    I miss when king shark actually looks like a shark and slept with Constantine.

  • oWcHi アーティスト
    oWcHi アーティスト21 day ago

    I thought king shark got his head blown off

  • Alex Riptide
    Alex Riptide22 days ago

    I'm not a supporter of the death penalty, but the fact that no one has managed to kill the Joker at this point is insane.

  • Boomer Juice
    Boomer Juice22 days ago

    Everything wrong:King shark looks like fucking killer crock. But King shark and killer frost relationship was nice

  • GodEmperor Bigfoot
    GodEmperor Bigfoot23 days ago

    They forgot the last sins at the very end we're dead shot is aiming a 5.56 rifle at waller from well over a mile away, which the bullet would never reach, despite her windows would certainly be bulletproof.

  • Doodle
    Doodle23 days ago

    The thing with KGBeast is they need to set him up as important or else we get a slip knot situations where we are told they don’t t matter. If we aren’t given their backstory we are being told they aren’t important enough for a backstory so we shouldn’t care about them. If they aren’t set up as important we won’t be invested in the character or their death.

  • Art Westefeld
    Art Westefeld24 days ago

    Sin 119 I guess Cinemasins isn't aware of Hell to Pay

  • Art Westefeld

    Art Westefeld

    2 days ago

    @Tony Khairy your opinion.

  • Tony Khairy

    Tony Khairy

    2 days ago

    Hell to Pay is not a sequeal to this movie

  • Art Westefeld
    Art Westefeld24 days ago

    Yes lunch, if you work night shift you call your break lunch.

  • Stevy Boy
    Stevy Boy24 days ago

    So I'm not sure if this needs said but essentially the joker tells batman his plans all the time because he thinks it's fun. It's a big game to him. And he also just likes messing with batman.

  • Dixie Cronin
    Dixie Cronin27 days ago

    I am SO glad that you did this movie; it was way better than any live-action movie about the Suicide Squad could be

  • Sarat Chandra
    Sarat Chandra27 days ago

    04:10 Best line af.. Cracked me up!

  • MC Chase
    MC Chase29 days ago

    Who expected a scene with a naked Harley Quinn?

  • Sir Duckyweather
    Sir Duckyweather29 days ago

    There were only a few things I didn't like about this movie. 1. The police car exploding after being thrown by Bane was a really lazy way for the writers to get rid of a character. I almost thought Michael Bay was somehow involved for a few seconds. 2. On the other side of the same coin, it's implied that Joker miraculously survives an explosion he had no way of escaping? Pick a lane, movie! 3. Waller by some means notices the red dot on herself, almost like she could feel it, just to make a one-liner.

  • Sergeant Meme’s
    Sergeant Meme’s29 days ago

    Doesn’t America have the death penalty? So why don’t they just sentence the supervillains to death?

  • X-Kid
    X-KidMonth ago

    What bothers me the most is that it's clearly a suicide squad movie and they titled it Batman

  • Mahezzaaji Wikandaru
    Mahezzaaji WikandaruMonth ago

    Remember harley just a cartoon

  • barriolimbas
    barriolimbasMonth ago

    For me. Most formidable Joker animated ever.....and he WASN'T fighting BATMAN.

  • Rajiv Gullam
    Rajiv GullamMonth ago

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  • Arkhan Arrow
    Arkhan ArrowMonth ago

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  • Kokonut koala
    Kokonut koalaMonth ago

    The Harley and dead shot love thing pisses me off cause it doesn’t make any sense

  • Bwern
    BwernMonth ago

    7:03 because he replacing this person's job. If there were two of the same person walking around that would be kinda silly dont you think?

  • Kamina
    KaminaMonth ago

    Why do they even bother sending villains to Arkham, I mean they only stay there for about a weekend, and the place is being broken out of on a daily basis.

  • The Company and country of Tra's Bodybuilding
    The Company and country of Tra's BodybuildingMonth ago

    Been meaning to watch this video for 2 months

  • Allan Stpaul
    Allan StpaulMonth ago

    You forgot to mention batman wearing bandages on his left shoulder armour, On the outside.

  • PeanutTechno
    PeanutTechnoMonth ago

    11:15 Is Jeremy not going to mention how King Shark somehow managed to get back up after taking what looks like a stronger AED to the groin in the *same fight scene?* That's not even accounting for the fact that he has metal in his mouth. Also.... 2:30, 2:54 - Is nobody going to appreciate how thicc someone would need to be IRL in order to have a build like this? Not "thicc" as in "oh they count because they have legs", I mean as in *actually* thicc

  • Mario jr Pacheco
    Mario jr PachecoMonth ago

    I don't think anyone takes anything the narrator says in this video but the stuff he says is kinda funny

  • monster island aka potato zilla
    monster island aka potato zillaMonth ago

    i remmber i saw this and the king shark died i fucking was so up set

  • Ethan K
    Ethan KMonth ago

    Sin 14:00 - Given the Joker's character in basically all media he would never fall for this bluff, he's most likey going along with it because he thought it might be funny.

  • demona6662
    demona6662Month ago

    but... i work nights and my lunch break is in the darkness :(

  • D9 Potter
    D9 PotterMonth ago

    Sin 7s vent is a easter egg for the vents all over the arkham games

  • ttv temper
    ttv temperMonth ago

    Oh sorry thought this was thebirdman

  • Melcoolie6701
    Melcoolie6701Month ago

    THAT was Amanda Waller

  • Frantzley Supreme Val
    Frantzley Supreme ValMonth ago

    "This is 2O14, when nobody realizes Game of Thrones is gonna suck yet" 😂 Funny 'cause up 'til yesterday (when I watched the series finale), I didn't know either.

  • OverlyTerror
    OverlyTerror2 months ago

    Am I the only one who's realised that KGBeast was in Batman Vs Superman dawn of justice?

  • Keelan Malone
    Keelan Malone2 months ago

    I love king shark because he makes the most sense through the whole move

  • D-Entertaiment
    D-Entertaiment2 months ago

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  • Star Movie
    Star Movie2 months ago

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  • Nolan Gifford
    Nolan Gifford2 months ago

    Also when batman is disguised as black spider, the suicide squad them murder a bunch more security guards with batman RIGHT there

  • DarukChamp Trott
    DarukChamp Trott2 months ago

    7:56 It's true. I was his goolies.

  • Jessica Evans
    Jessica Evans2 months ago

    Yes, lunch. Ever hear of nightshift?

  • Joshua Critchfield
    Joshua Critchfield2 months ago

    This movie was meant to be a prequel to the Arkham asylum games. So we know that joker did survive because he is the main character Villain In those games.

  • Jermaine J
    Jermaine J2 months ago

    Really Neal has never done a sex scene, never noticed or even paid attention to it. Still remember him cracking up in Band of Brothers.

  • Artefect mocs
    Artefect mocs2 months ago


  • Ami Uchiha
    Ami Uchiha2 months ago

    Kinda funny, alot of your dings were addressed in the abridged...years ago... which was probs striked down again.

  • Tullock
    Tullock2 months ago

    I do like sitting in recliners after killing someone. Gives me a little relaxing to enjoy the moment and to think about clean up.

  • Gianni Hodgson
    Gianni Hodgson2 months ago

    This movie is actually a part of the Arkham game universe. So the joker helicopter bit does fit in

  • djcrazy
    djcrazy2 months ago


  • Big Dex Media
    Big Dex Media2 months ago

    Harley Goddamn Quinn 🤣🤣

  • Doctor Butthugger
    Doctor Butthugger2 months ago

    This movie was way too fucking horny.

  • Akira evanglion Ultimate alien
    Akira evanglion Ultimate alien2 months ago

    Do death note 2006 With dub

  • Akira evanglion Ultimate alien
    Akira evanglion Ultimate alien2 months ago

    I Wish Harley Quinn had more of her new 52 look

  • Doryan Burlison
    Doryan Burlison2 months ago

    Fun Fact: The Joker in this movie is voiced by Troy Baker who also did the voiceover work for the Joker in the Arkham game where they couldn't get Mark Hamill. But he's also the guy who voiced Bruce Wayne in the two Batman games that Telltale made; technically making him the only actor who's ever played both Batman and the Joker.

  • Tony Khairy

    Tony Khairy

    Month ago

    Troy Baker voiced Joker in Arkham Originis and Arkham Originis Blackgate and in the rest of the games Mark Hamili voiced Joker

  • BatPierrot
    BatPierrot2 months ago

    Don't you dare say something wrong about Young Sheldon !

  • Just Out of Frame Movie Reviews
    Just Out of Frame Movie Reviews2 months ago

    RED wine with fish? Seriously.

  • Kitty Underwood
    Kitty Underwood2 months ago

    6:41 my work schedule is 3p-12a, so when I take my "lunch break" it is usually dark outside. It's lunch for me because it is my second meal of the day since I wake up at 2pm. So if this guard works the night schedule it's probably the same for him. Idk why so many people have a hard time understanding that lol

  • Dwight Norris
    Dwight Norris2 months ago

    Nothing wrong with this movie .........YOU SWALLOW

  • TRUE DARK Enitiy
    TRUE DARK Enitiy2 months ago


  • Microphone Jacket!
    Microphone Jacket!2 months ago

    Please do the movie, "Pain and Gain".

  • Porter Ijsseldijk
    Porter Ijsseldijk2 months ago

    That's where they've hidden the bong.

  • UnBiasedOwl
    UnBiasedOwl2 months ago

    I know this is CinemaSins but like wtf, how are you nitpicking *IMPORTANT* plot points and not *ACTUAL* sinnable material, smh this isn't satire, not comedy, and most definitely not a parody

  • Lonely
    Lonely2 months ago

    too bad the corn version of this movie sux

  • Games For Cykits
    Games For Cykits2 months ago

    Plus all the sins to cinema sins for giving this movie any sins lol also what is up with batman's eyes here, either he's soulless or is on another planet right now 1:16

  • Alp Ulusoy
    Alp Ulusoy2 months ago

    One sin I would add is how when batman was impersonating black spider, he didnt save the policemen getting shot to dead by deadshot just because at that moment we werent supposed to know batman was black spider.

  • Jacckie Reddie

    Jacckie Reddie

    2 months ago

    I noticed that too

  • Joseph Lyons
    Joseph Lyons2 months ago

    When mealtimes exist is fluid, especially when you work 3rd shift. That wasn't sin-worthy, it just shows you've never worked nights.

  • Random Apex Clips
    Random Apex Clips2 months ago

    This man really gave a sin for the fact that its DC comics

  • Evan Washington
    Evan Washington2 months ago

    You better not talk about Troy Baker Joker . damnit I mean it

  • Nashjir Bryan
    Nashjir Bryan2 months ago

    This Is trash it's supposed to be batman type

  • ChaoticTNT Gaming
    ChaoticTNT Gaming2 months ago

    Why she built like blob though?

  • Syabila Azri
    Syabila Azri2 months ago

    Fun fact about the Riddler VA is non other than the every one fav young doctor Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds

  • Alexander Steel
    Alexander Steel2 months ago

    The death of a comrade via head-explosives makes me want to run someone over with a KV-II

  • Paul Ford
    Paul Ford2 months ago

    Do everything wrong with Batman the movie (1966)

  • Colton Boley
    Colton Boley2 months ago

    Yall saying this was the real suicide squad this movie is 🗑 joker would not get out crazied by dead shot, the kid would notice the sniper,waller doesn't look like that,kg beast,i could go on penguin eating fish whole, joker getting beat by dead shot ,also joker survived the crash, . This movie was an abomination.

  • A. Ñeko
    A. Ñeko3 months ago

    The only Suicide Squad movie that exists

  • Luna
    Luna3 months ago

    Actually, I'm pretty sure data base is supposed to be two words.

  • Jason Brusch
    Jason Brusch3 months ago

    The fact that he sinned the fact that joker can hang on a fight with deadshot just shows he knows nothing of the jokers combat abilities. The jokers durability is not to be scoffed at. The man takes full powered blows from batman all the time and has been known to give batman a hard time many times in hand to hand combat. Look how he started to beat terrys ass in batman beyond. And how he duccessfully beat and tied up on of the robins and killed him and the had times he stabbed batman in hand to hand combat. The jokers fighting style os unpredictable like dead pool because he is insane just like deadpool and the joler can take a beaten better than most villains

  • CTM Productions
    CTM Productions3 months ago

    when I watched this movie, during the character intro scenes I thought "Why did that dumb I think nurse take away Harley's phone?" She was distracted watching Looney Tunes and it's Harley Quinn, don't piss her off.

  • Windex Guzzler
    Windex Guzzler3 months ago

    So, “Suicide Squad 2.0: But This Time Its Animated”.

  • Wale61Three
    Wale61Three3 months ago

    The Joker going out of character not just pulling the trigger to see if its still loaded and shooting Deadshot in the face... *DING DING DING

  • Ryan Rowlatt
    Ryan Rowlatt3 months ago

    Please do the hangover 2

  • J Bourbon
    J Bourbon3 months ago

    0:14 Really? You're sinning the logo? 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Liam Gade
    Liam Gade3 months ago

    That’s the whole point of the suicide squad any can die at any point