Everything Wrong With 500 Days of Summer in 16 Minutes or Less

Film & Animation

500 Days of Summer is a cute movie about a doomed relationship. That is, until you start looking for sins. Then you find all kinds of issues--like THE TITLE!!
Thursday: 2000's musical sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • QuantumBraced
    QuantumBraced14 days ago

    Actually in Santa Barbara the ocean is to the South and in some places Southeast.

  • QuantumBraced
    QuantumBraced15 days ago

    The movie is called "500 Days of Summer", not "500 Days of Tom's Relationship with Summer". They're counting from the day he saw her until the day he moved on.

  • C uhh heese Cuff
    C uhh heese Cuff20 days ago

    Just from previews alone I don't see anyone as the 'bad guy'. But to me, from what I've seen it's kind of sad. He just didn't realize that maybe he wasn't the one for her. He went so far as to not ask her what she wanted. Just poor communication on both ends. She was clear on what she wanted with him, but continued the connection anyway. Then he never realized she acted cold and distant at times. And, how odd to be engaged to someone else weeks later. This movie is now added to my watch later list. I'm genuinely interested now.

  • kingizo
    kingizo21 day ago

    79 "Sunshine F*ckery" 😂😂😂

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez22 days ago

    Shark in Jaws or Finding Nemo?

  • Peanut - INTP
    Peanut - INTP24 days ago

    Me. I had that much Vinvyl in the 90s as a teenager. They were all owned by my folks, but I'd pinched a bunch of them, partly as I also had the only functioning turntable in the household.

  • Zetaforce 2500
    Zetaforce 250026 days ago

    It’s always a great podcast episode when the KLB rib this movie

  • L Mathews
    L Mathews27 days ago

    15:38 Lmao my man has never seen the Bradbury building

  • Karolis Stropus
    Karolis Stropus27 days ago

    This 180 marriage thing happens quite allot. Good thing for him she's not yer pregnant as well

  • jetser24
    jetser24Month ago

    I know this is not meant to be taken 100% seriously but most of these are not faults at all. Tom is an a**hole, the narration is twisted on purpose and the cliches are there to give you the full picture. That is not because they f*cked up but because they wanted to take on a genre and make something new with it.

  • jetser24
    jetser24Month ago

    Do Superbad!

  • Kiko Jones
    Kiko JonesMonth ago

    Vinyl was still popular in the early '90s, dude.

  • ni6hant
    ni6hantMonth ago

    When she said her name was Autumn, I was fucking mad too

  • Chris Davey
    Chris DaveyMonth ago

    how in the fuck is trash goblin married to christina hendricks

  • Christal C
    Christal CMonth ago


  • Christopher Draheim
    Christopher DraheimMonth ago

    This movie is weirdly one of the most emotional movies for me, probably because I’ve been on both sides of this type of relationship and it brings up a lot of shit. Or maybe most relationships share similarities and that’s partially the point.

  • J. P.
    J. P.Month ago

    #21 Unfortunately, this does happen a lot. I’m fairly outgoing and “the jokester” among my friends, but really shy and introverted/quiet around new people and strangers. I was out with friends and was introduced to someone they knew who (after talking a while) said, “You’re actually a really nice guy! My friends and I thought you were totally stuck up because you never talk to anyone.”

  • J. P.
    J. P.Month ago

    #19 Actually, my HS always published a supplemental, which was published at the very end of the school year (sometimes even the next year) so what did happen at the end of the year made it into the yearbook. There’s no indication the picture was from the supplemental, but my HS never had quotes under any of the class pictures, so... I’m actually there’s not more of a sin for every student getting a quote.

  • J. P.
    J. P.Month ago

    #2 I gotta sin him a little for him not following up the narration, “This is a story...” with what immediately popped into my head, “All about how my life got flipped, turned upside down...”

  • LFPS0311
    LFPS0311Month ago

    Wow WTF was that? Did they kidnap and clone Jeremy and now he proppels their idiotic message? Or does ir have to do with the current constituents of the writing staff?

  • Walter Birnbaum
    Walter BirnbaumMonth ago

    lmao the sentence had me sh*tless lolololol 16:18

  • Honey
    HoneyMonth ago

    i think people are giving Summer way too much credit. yes, they were both wrong, tom with all his projections, but sorry, she was a nightmare with constantly saying this and then doing that, saying she doesnt want a relationship and then proceeds kissing, fucking, stringing him along and in the end lady " i cant do commitment " marries away to a guy she knows a maximum of 100 days tops. and she again tries to hold toms hand in the end and send mixed signals. BYE girl.

  • Bess Korey
    Bess KoreyMonth ago

    I enjoyed this video and it made me laugh, but I do have one grievance. I disagree with sinning this movie for showing a '90s kid that owns vinyl. I grew up in the '90s (I even remember watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Third Rock From The Sun then) and I collected vinyl. I also knew of plenty of indie bands that were still putting out records on vinyl in the '90s. Yes, more people were buying cassettes and CDs during that time, but vinyl never completely disappeared.

  • Cloud9
    Cloud9Month ago

    Her name being autumn😭

  • Yang Gao
    Yang GaoMonth ago

    Didn't watch the video, this movie is perfection!

  • Cinnamon Roll
    Cinnamon RollMonth ago

    13:08 you would of sinned that too and you know it.

  • Neltins
    NeltinsMonth ago

    nice to meet you, i'm winter

  • Abner Argueta
    Abner ArguetaMonth ago

    Wow, I remember asking for this like 3-4 years ago in the comments, it finally happened!

  • Mr. Ivan
    Mr. Ivan2 months ago

    The reason why Tom never made it as an architect: he’s an urban planner!

  • Pannemat
    Pannemat2 months ago

    Who's Lars from Norway? Didn't you watch Serendipity?

  • Edward Chamberlin
    Edward Chamberlin2 months ago

    Garbage movie, in my opinion. I know it's an unpopular one.

  • PhoenixDZK
    PhoenixDZK2 months ago

    I used to empathize so heavily with Joseph's character. Took a long time after getting out of a serious relationship to realize what was actually going on, and realizing why I was mistaken. Alex Meyers did a terrific breakdown of the logic behind the character arcs on his channel

  • Cal-EFC 1878
    Cal-EFC 18782 months ago

    The lady he pulled after 500 days was the better one

  • BigBjobSuckYaRight
    BigBjobSuckYaRight2 months ago

    It always makes me chuckle that there is a WHOLE CHANNEL to counter CinemaSins because this is "too toxic" and yet the progressive, positive views shared through these sins, especially in movies like this? Fucking EXCELLENT.

  • Lolly Ann
    Lolly Ann2 months ago

    I hated this movie

  • Duncan Penderhughes
    Duncan Penderhughes2 months ago

    zoe is a terrible actress

  • Seren KÜNER
    Seren KÜNER2 months ago

    Space Sweepers? a korean sci fi? please?

  • carrastealth
    carrastealth2 months ago

    Alright so how long in this review about a girl the opposite of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl is it gonna take before CinemaSins calls her a Manic Pixie Dream Girl anyway... Ah 8:52 seconds.. Alright.. now describe CinemaSins in under 12 words... 9:03.

  • Katie Z
    Katie Z2 months ago

    I can't believe I caught a mistake! The beach is south in Santa Barbara, so the shadows don't ever actually get that long toward the ocean.

  • Clifton Sargent
    Clifton Sargent2 months ago

    Memento/requiem for a dream video please

  • That True Crime Channel
    That True Crime Channel2 months ago

    the GoT line at the end 🥰

  • Xander What
    Xander What2 months ago

    I would add a sin for the little girl who speaks with the experience of a middle-aged divorcee. I remember two things from this movie. That annoying cliche, and the split screen expectations/reality scene (which was great).

  • Keshler Sanon
    Keshler Sanon2 months ago

    Spring during this whole video: 😐

  • DefinitelyFookYou
    DefinitelyFookYou2 months ago

    “I’m autumn” Goddamnit💀💀💀🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏼‍♂️

  • AFCManUk
    AFCManUk2 months ago

    Why watch the whole movie, when Above and Beyond condense it into, like, 4 minutes, AND with a funky tune to boot! usplan.info/two/video/zYaU232biKTOmIg.html&ab_channel=Above%26Beyond

  • Random Internet Weirdo
    Random Internet Weirdo2 months ago

    I didn't like this movie.

  • winter ramos
    winter ramos2 months ago

    Johnathan Gordon Taylor Thomas Levitt is SO UNDERRATED

  • Mister K. Ultra
    Mister K. Ultra2 months ago

    Winter is coming, wooooooo

  • Philip Evans
    Philip Evans2 months ago

    You add 10 sins for "sunshine f*ckery" only to give us an advert for Commercial Sins that is caked in sunlight but set at 3am?! Cmoooonnnn

  • Dullbuilderman26
    Dullbuilderman262 months ago

    why couldnt you make this video 3 years ago when it was a subject assignment

  • Mystery Junkie
    Mystery Junkie2 months ago

    This wasn’t a love story it was definitely a coming of age and maturity story. How good he took Autumn original rejection to his coffee date shows he has grown up. He no longer has unrealistic expectations of love and for women.

  • Jonathan Rail
    Jonathan Rail2 months ago

    Robin from Dark Knight Rises meets Dove from Titans at the end. Dammit, Barry....

  • Tim van der Hoeven
    Tim van der Hoeven2 months ago

    Lost it at 'suddenly he's Emo Peter'

  • Dierik Brown
    Dierik Brown2 months ago

    bruce wasnt the shark in jaws +1 cinema sins sin

  • Sean O Deli
    Sean O Deli2 months ago

    “Buys bitcoin has a sourdough starter” Jesus so much truth except now it would be a kombucha starter

  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson2 months ago

    10:34 Are we not gonna talk about the lady to JGLs left who has what looks like a corsage made of onions?

  • Colin Burleigh
    Colin Burleigh2 months ago

    a lot of these sins are like the point of the movie

  • Andrew Cruz
    Andrew Cruz2 months ago

    Its a good movie , but damn I hate the overly positive ending .

  • Sean O'Hare
    Sean O'Hare2 months ago

    Why is it so hard for everyone to realize that both characters sucked and handled the situation terribly? They're both the bad guys. This film is basically "What not to do in a relationship 101"

  • Flippin Jimmy
    Flippin Jimmy2 months ago

    Bit disappointed that you didn't sin the "puma" scene

  • Stephen Velez
    Stephen Velez2 months ago

    Watching this vid makes me never, ever want to come into contact with this movie ever again which I've seen only once. Such a sad waste of Public Image, Ltd.'s awesome light blue logo and and Psychocandy.

  • Microphone Jacket!
    Microphone Jacket!2 months ago

    Please do the movie, "Pain and Gain".

  • bananabuttersomethin
    bananabuttersomethin2 months ago

    This movie vastly overestimates my ability to remember numbers.

  • ocularnervosa
    ocularnervosa2 months ago

    Oh sure, you didn't complain when they turned it into a tv show and called it How I Met Your Mother.

  • DaveDexterMusic
    DaveDexterMusic2 months ago

    this (relatively) new intro is dogshit. I read it as "everything spoilers wrong duh with", each time

  • Aldrick Ex Gladius
    Aldrick Ex Gladius2 months ago

    Is vinyl back in though? Like.... is it really?

  • Mike L
    Mike L2 months ago

    I'm from michigan

  • Jena Cide
    Jena Cide2 months ago

    "Yes, that's very binary of you" Oh god you did not just say that

  • AlienWacker
    AlienWacker2 months ago

    Is this review to celebrate "500 Days of Covid"? That must be coming up pretty quick isn't it? Also, pretty sure Zooey didn't sing in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy....

  • Mama Cindy Rogofsky
    Mama Cindy Rogofsky2 months ago

    Matthew Gray Grubler also in Criminal minds...

  • Jaimie-Lee Hall
    Jaimie-Lee Hall2 months ago

    "let's just say this kids, young men, this is not common, you should not expect this" 😂😂 I died

  • Fafnirs Bane
    Fafnirs Bane2 months ago

    There's no such thing as a "casual sexual relationship" no matter what you people try to make themselves and each other think. Her being with a guy in a bar was her bad. They are in a relationship, she knows it and he knew it. She ABSOLUTELY needed to apologize. Even if you have an agreement to be casual if you see someone else on the side you still need to treat it like you are cheating and hide that person from the other person at all costs.

  • waterywingz
    waterywingz2 months ago

    I WISH it turned into Enchanted 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Contranym
    Contranym2 months ago

    He should do Weird Science like if you agree please

  • Chad Reinbolt
    Chad Reinbolt2 months ago

    Please Sin Boondock Saints

  • Aimee Williams
    Aimee Williams2 months ago


  • Tristan Dimitrijev
    Tristan Dimitrijev2 months ago

    3:08 and Yes she is a B.It it were Capetan America she would totally talk to him.sin removed. strong independant woman clishe deserve to be treated equal, but dont treat men equally-Sin. 5:43 This is very common just not to most men in todays day of age, since women are attracted to their male bosses, and are privatly together.And the boss is not missusing his position becasue women can find other jobs, but dont want to work minimum wage, even thou they dont have kids.Women do it bacause they want to, since the power is in there hands, clishe=10SINs 9:37Equality, and she only did it to make sure he is on a leash, to keep him around for when she needs him for what she needs him,(not just s-x).And at the end of the film once she finds someone else she will just break it up, just like that, witch is weird because every relashionship and butty call ends up with explenation, women ask and get it, so why should it be any diffrent, she moved to a diffrent place because she is well known. 11:19 when doosh bags are bad twrds other its considered funny, when a nice guy is mad making him self look bad, he is considered an icel, as-hole exetra -100SIN for putting men down for having it tought in life, when women are in this kind of situacion we feel bad for them even thou they fall for the ritch guy.100SIN

  • マクドナルドカイル
    マクドナルドカイル2 months ago

    That expectation vs reality + the music in the background scene basically made this movie for me. Well worth a sin off.

  • Travis Starr
    Travis Starr2 months ago

    Wait! You did not remove a sin for the great “You Make My Dreams Come True” dance scene???? JGL seeing Han Solo winking at him in the glass reflection alone deserved a sin removal.

  • HaydenTheRandom
    HaydenTheRandom2 months ago

    i totally get what u mean by the dance number and the dates but the way I saw it was that Joseph's Gordon levitts character is unreliable and this is the way that he wanted the story to be but it's not the way it actually happened so many things are wrong and often contradict each other

  • Lydia Deetz
    Lydia Deetz2 months ago

    “There’s only 2 types of people, there’s men and there’s women” me who knows a lot of non binary people: ummmm no....

  • Christine Hottinger
    Christine Hottinger2 months ago

    I played the penis game as a teen. Technically not before the internet, but DEFINITELY without learning of it from the internet. It's just a kids' game.

  • funkybeatdown
    funkybeatdown2 months ago

    I'm not going to lie, the musical number with Hall and Oates playing in the background is best part of this movie.

  • Gabriel Martins
    Gabriel Martins2 months ago

    Some films can only be "watched" through CinemaSins. That ending was a painful eye-rolling facepalm.

  • karson bollinger
    karson bollinger2 months ago

    God I HATE this movie.

  • Josh Nunya
    Josh Nunya2 months ago

    The movie that made Sony want to make this guy direct Amazing Spider-Man

  • Stego Aqua
    Stego Aqua2 months ago

    2:20 Hey! Yeah Michigan... our roads suck, but that’s not really because of government or anything more so the ruthless power of nature via erosion

  • W Fries
    W Fries2 months ago

    CinemaSins makes bad movies watchable..:

  • Sunny Lyndis
    Sunny Lyndis2 months ago

    Damn. He went from a 90s kid to an asshole working at greeting cards company to learning about architecture. After changing his name to Arthur, he becomes employed by Cobb in Inception.

  • Caleb Lackey
    Caleb Lackey2 months ago

    Hey man Wii tennis is never outdated

  • Garrett P
    Garrett P2 months ago

    That Santa Claus joke at 5:20 was top notch

  • Phil Greybush
    Phil Greybush2 months ago

    I'm sorry.. did you just sin Dr. Reid???

  • Aaron Hawkins
    Aaron Hawkins2 months ago

    First off, yes, the "they don't have Born To Run but they have Pixies" thing is total bullshit. Some of the things pointed out and scrutinized in this video were valid. Having said that, I've been a fan of this channel for about 9 years. But I honestly didn't care this video for this movie or a lot of the criticisms of it you made. I love this movie. Well acted, great writing, awesome music, wonderful stylistic and creative presentation/direction. Thank you for acknowledging how great the expectations/reality scene is. I think the film is funny, it's painful, it's deep, it's musical, it's moving, it's personal, and I think it's one of the better films about love/relationships that's come out in the last 15 years. I like this channel a lot and I'll continue to be a fan of the channel and your content. But this movie is something of a personal thing for me and it's one of my favorites and some of what you did stung a bit. You talk that way about movies that's your job and most of the time I enjoy it. I know Valentine's Day is coming and that's probably why you did this movie but there are far worse movies you haven't done that could fit. Maybe you guys don't hate the movie or anything. Maybe you like more things about it than the video would indicate. You're just giving it the patented CinemaSins treatment and again, it's your job. It's what you do. But it does seem I feel differently about this movie than you do and that can't be helped. But I hope that in the future, the fates and your own judgement will steer you away from doing these small good emotional films like this that mean a a great deal to a lot of people on a personal level.

  • Quantum Shhhart
    Quantum Shhhart2 months ago

    how have we not gotten The Big Lebowski yet? c'mon!! ! !! !!

  • Liam Belfield
    Liam Belfield2 months ago

    500 days of summer, also known as Living in Australia

  • Harsh Malik
    Harsh Malik2 months ago

    After 500 days of Autumn - Winter is coming

  • RELOAD Official
    RELOAD Official2 months ago

    Bruh, I have the dvd of this.

  • Samur/Aye
    Samur/Aye2 months ago

    Really???... The rebound girl is called Autumn? _Really?_

  • Spite Lip
    Spite Lip2 months ago

    Ggotta disagree about The Graduate, that's one of the best - "Oh Shit, Now What" moments in film. Also the wedding interruption trope is super stale & misogynistic; while that movie started it, and is referenced, no one bothers to include the now what moment.

  • Luke Harris
    Luke Harris2 months ago

    Now time for the sequel 500 days of autumn