Everything Wrong With Soul in 17 Minutes or Less

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Pixar's Soul was well-received and it's pretty creative and charming. But it has sins just like any other movie, so we counted 'em.
Next week: superhero sins and... romance/sports sins?
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • yoboi nicossman
    yoboi nicossman5 hours ago

    That Knicks comment aged fantastically

  • Olivia Nava
    Olivia Nava5 hours ago

    Everything Wrong With Soul in 17 Minutes or Less: 1 second of Joe being turned into a cat, and 16 minutes 59 seconds of outtakes.

  • Not-A-Studio Studio
    Not-A-Studio Studio6 hours ago

    I feel this being the only French horn in my band

  • Nicodelgut
    Nicodelgut8 hours ago

    The title is a lie

  • Mr. Flamingo
    Mr. Flamingo8 hours ago

    no... you didn’t really just say that...

  • c4t 1n t0w3l uwu
    c4t 1n t0w3l uwu10 hours ago

    Why would you do this to a "Best Animated Feature" awarded movie-

  • Kattia C. Abogado
    Kattia C. Abogado10 hours ago

    As a book worm ... book fairs made me so happy. One of the best things from high school. I hated high school

  • Compilations._.Videoz
    Compilations._.Videoz11 hours ago

    Lol I'm a Virgo and I hate math 7:15

  • Rita Richardson
    Rita Richardson15 hours ago

    : reverse the polarity: was a cars 2 reference right :/

  • Kori Ross
    Kori Ross16 hours ago

    7:48 H!tler reborn

  • BlueWink1
    BlueWink123 hours ago

    If you can’t even remember your instrument, then good luck staying in band.

  • SnipSnaps
    SnipSnapsDay ago

    My biggest problem is why didn’t joe just steal a souls earth pass right when they were about to jump?

  • Adam Loring
    Adam LoringDay ago

    I just searched this channel on a whim, because I wasn’t sure it still existed. Well, I guess it does. Ok, bye.

  • Beaker Bot
    Beaker BotDay ago

    God is good

  • Beaker Bot
    Beaker BotDay ago

    God is good

  • Gwiz11
    Gwiz11Day ago

    Thanks for including us French Horns!

  • Funbe Plays
    Funbe PlaysDay ago

    so why do people watch this dude?

  • Asgore And stuff
    Asgore And stuffDay ago

    It’s Disney, what do you expect?

  • crystalpuff514
    crystalpuff514Day ago

    I swear this video had more ads in it than any other USplan video I’ve ever seen, and it’s got a paid promotion already built into it. WTF

  • Barack Obama
    Barack ObamaDay ago

    Pixar has shown us the feelings of action figures, cars, monsters, rats, ants, fish before they even thought about black people lmao

  • Charlie Gage
    Charlie GageDay ago

    All dogs go to heavan what about that poor kid who defended his sister from a dog but got mauled himself

  • Owlbeardo
    OwlbeardoDay ago

    Do I remember correctly that BetterHelp doesn't need license for their therapists? Or is it is news?

  • Cthulhu
    CthulhuDay ago

    “All dogs go to heaven” that means they’re all going to hell

  • Katie Jeselnik
    Katie JeselnikDay ago

    Soul is a good movie you have’nt seen it.

  • G4m3s4nd5tuff
    G4m3s4nd5tuffDay ago

    "How is Rachel taking a nap during this" It’s middle school, I’ve slept through worse

  • GertieTheGardener


    Hour ago

    As a middle school teacher, I concur that my students could (and do) sleep through ANYTHING when they're tired enough. It's a gift.

  • Hey it's Harry
    Hey it's HarryDay ago


  • Jammin 151
    Jammin 1512 days ago

    "That's Karenist" I just died laughing

  • DeadNinjutsu
    DeadNinjutsu2 days ago

    'Let them fuck cake.' -Marie Antoinette

  • LEGO Builder the Gamer 1999
    LEGO Builder the Gamer 19992 days ago

    I loved the Doctor who bit at the end

  • Dill Pixel
    Dill Pixel2 days ago

    16:33 MatPat would probably wonder the same.

  • RosyKindBunny13
    RosyKindBunny132 days ago

    Book fairs were the greatest thrills of my childhood.

  • Heavy Rain the Blue Cow
    Heavy Rain the Blue Cow2 days ago

    This should be sacrilegious to do.

  • TheN0odles
    TheN0odles2 days ago

    "The last time I blew my shot..." hahah killing it.

  • Snoop Dogg The Certified G
    Snoop Dogg The Certified G2 days ago

    The animation is incredible though

  • Snoop Dogg The Certified G
    Snoop Dogg The Certified G2 days ago

    everything spoilers wrong duh with

  • Xxlilturtle 7139
    Xxlilturtle 71392 days ago

    its blank

  • tman 213
    tman 2132 days ago

    i love how much cinima sins knows just to use for sins

  • Anabela Lourenco
    Anabela Lourenco2 days ago

    Everything. Spoilers. Wrong. Duh.. . With. Soul. In 17 minutes or less. I read it like this because I thought it was funny

  • Benji Gummie
    Benji Gummie2 days ago

    howcome soul has more sins than trolls world tour was u just too lazy to do the rest of the troll sins?

  • Max Rodríguez
    Max Rodríguez2 days ago

    7:15 He did not just say that...

  • Josh G-B
    Josh G-B2 days ago

    Hey wait an actually good sponsor??

  • Amanda Dieterich
    Amanda Dieterich3 days ago

    0:52 yo I'm in middle school band and we are like reeeeealy good we break the stereotypes hehe 1:08 why would there be a tuba or cello in a jazz band XD 1:16 again not a jazz instrument lol I legit just sinned the video

  • John Sanchez
    John Sanchez3 days ago

    4:26 maybe when we die we do turn into moths and mosquitos and follow that “light”

  • Gand Ozz
    Gand Ozz3 days ago

    Except it takes practice to play that bad

  • Justin V
    Justin V3 days ago

    Yes!!! Finally. I didn't like this one too much 😅👌.

  • Jack's Animatronics
    Jack's Animatronics3 days ago

    7:09 *MATH*

  • EasyCakeMuffin
    EasyCakeMuffin3 days ago

    “It’s not a sin for the movie” proceeds to add a sin to the movie sin counter

  • Jessica Nicole
    Jessica Nicole3 days ago

    Can confirm musicians can EASILY sleep through rehearsal or class. The brain can block it out as white noise after awhile

  • Indeflo
    Indeflo3 days ago

    Disnes New SoS Running time 69:420:123

  • O the Creator
    O the Creator3 days ago

    Fuck therapy

  • Billy Bob Joe
    Billy Bob Joe3 days ago

    7:55 The person you gave 20 sins is anise from amazing world of gumball

  • The Wind Waking Hero
    The Wind Waking Hero3 days ago

    so that part where he doesn't accept his fate pissed you off too, huh?

  • MonkishRaptor 40
    MonkishRaptor 403 days ago

    All things aside this movie was pretty good tho

  • David Clunie
    David Clunie3 days ago

    that mean cringe

  • G
    G3 days ago

    It’s sad that 22 was introduced in the 21st minute of the film, and not even 22 seconds away from the 22nd minute :/

  • Christopher Cunningham
    Christopher Cunningham3 days ago

    "Would it kill you to throw in some French Horns?" As a French Horn player, thank you.

  • Fiky 77
    Fiky 773 days ago

    Pixar in 1995: what if toys had feelings Pixar in 2006: what if cars had feelings Pixar in 2015: what if feelings had feelings Pixar in 2020: what if Black people had feelings (i know i stole it)

  • Pokéfan Sans
    Pokéfan Sans3 days ago

    18:35 wee

  • Anna Meyers
    Anna Meyers3 days ago

    I feel a little less bad now, knowing that other people felt that Joe was selfish. I REALLY wanted to like his character...but he just seemed kind of self-centered throughout the whole movie. 22 was far more compassionate as Joe (connecting with Dez and Connie), than Joe was. And for that, I was disappointed. As far as music lover based Disney movies go...I'll happily stick with Coco.

  • Mr. Hooray
    Mr. Hooray3 days ago

    Ah yes, my favorite cartoon character, D O R O T H E A E X P L O R E R.

  • Taner Archibald
    Taner Archibald4 days ago

    If you can make Tenure as a middle school teacher you can actually afford a good suit

  • Hunter Ellis
    Hunter Ellis4 days ago

    For anyone on the fence about better help, my therapist was amazing. She got me through some really tough times and helped change my perspective!

  • Sergio Avalos
    Sergio Avalos4 days ago

    4:03 🤌🏽🤌🏽

  • DonutMaxGaming
    DonutMaxGaming4 days ago

    I think joe would get rich if he told everyone what it would be like if you die.

  • aden jackson
    aden jackson4 days ago

    You went over 17 minutes clickbait I’m joking

  • Demonetization Symbol
    Demonetization Symbol4 days ago

    But BetterHelp has therapists who ghost their patients.

  • -WoF- DarkNewton
    -WoF- DarkNewton4 days ago

    I feel like if CinemaSins had used BetterHelp this channel wouldn't exist. JK I love you guys but the joke was right there -- I couldn't resist.

  • Sorcha Mackay
    Sorcha Mackay4 days ago


  • Sorcha Mackay
    Sorcha Mackay4 days ago


  • Austyn Bebee
    Austyn Bebee4 days ago

    17 minutes or less 19 minute video 🤭

  • Pancake Junior
    Pancake Junior4 days ago

    how do you do this to a good movie

  • Mark Sommerville
    Mark Sommerville5 days ago

    I think 22 being able to understand cat!Joe isn't anything to do with 22 herself, but the fact that the cat has Joe's soul talking to his own body.

  • Human Haker9
    Human Haker95 days ago

    Sup skedadudlers

  • sus
    sus5 days ago

    3:33 1944

  • Joey IlVento
    Joey IlVento5 days ago

    Adding one sin for the fact this was in 19 min when it said 17 min

  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man5 days ago

    You forgot to mention the pattern of Hollywood with black protagonists...

  • Kieran Schmidt
    Kieran Schmidt5 days ago

    Have you done the movie "Pets United"? Because if not, it's on Netflix, and it SUCKS.

  • Travis Buschette
    Travis Buschette5 days ago

    12:16 "That's not a sin for the movie." Sins the movie anyway

  • why why
    why why5 days ago

    Why can’t I skip this ad?

  • why why

    why why

    5 days ago

    Oh nevermind

  • Viewrison
    Viewrison5 days ago

    15:17 Does anyone else think the cat lady looks like a Who from Horton Hears a Who?

  • Josh Willcox
    Josh Willcox5 days ago

    What I still don't gey is why Joe still jas his hat but no mustache, yet the hippie guy has hair...

  • Keegan Crabb
    Keegan Crabb5 days ago

    Im just gonna staye he fell and ended up in the hospital in critical condition qnd his mom never enen got a call or knew he was in the hospital. +1 sin

  • WICKES fox
    WICKES fox5 days ago

    500 sins for the 32 seconds of commercial time I had to watch before CinemaSins started Cinemasinning Roll credits

  • Random Girl03
    Random Girl035 days ago

    Jeremy!!!!! I didn’t know you were an author! That’s awesome! I was just processing books for the high school library and then bam!!! That’s epic

  • Cheyanne
    Cheyanne6 days ago

    The Doctor Who ‘Timey Wimey’ clip made me happy 😭

  • Blast0719
    Blast07196 days ago

    This movie had good music but bad story

  • Stephen Naylor
    Stephen Naylor6 days ago

    Sins sins trailers... makes one of his own, 50seconds in was the first sin. *ding*

  • TheYumeSharkoogan
    TheYumeSharkoogan6 days ago

    13:36 Just now realizing that one jerry was in Dont Hug Me Im Scared. cant remember who pls help

  • Monkey Boi
    Monkey Boi6 days ago

    3:10 I’m pretty sure it’s what he was wearing not what’s essential to him

  • Ash Playz
    Ash Playz6 days ago

    You didn't even mention how we never even ACTUALLY found out what filled the earth pass in the end-

  • M M

    M M

    15 hours ago

    @Philip Evans hmm catch 22, the soul‘s number was 22.... you’re onto something

  • Philip Evans

    Philip Evans

    3 days ago

    @Ash Playz the film chose to focus more on Joe's reaction, him exclaiming that she only enjoyed life because she was in HIS body. But realistically, yeah, she just enjoyed life.

  • Ash Playz

    Ash Playz

    3 days ago

    @Philip Evans Really? I didnt know that lol they just weren't really clear about it

  • Philip Evans

    Philip Evans

    3 days ago

    You mean 22s Earth pass? Her spark was actually experiencing life Itself, the one thing she'd never done before. It's like a Catch-22, the only way to know life is worth living is to actually live it.

  • Janelle Udoh
    Janelle Udoh6 days ago

    Can we get everything wrong with Mean girls

  • TrunkJunky
    TrunkJunky6 days ago

    I'm surprised you didn't sin the movie for killing a cat in a cutaway joke.

  • George Corbul
    George Corbul6 days ago

    #43 - At least they're all Jerrys and not Freds or Bobs.

  • Simon Saint-Jean-Kearsley
    Simon Saint-Jean-Kearsley6 days ago

    “Last time I blew my shot my girlfriend ended up being overdue as well” I am fucking CRYING

  • Simon Saint-Jean-Kearsley
    Simon Saint-Jean-Kearsley6 days ago

    As someone who was in middle school band... I can tell the cinemasins guy wasn’t. There are so many sins he gave for things being “innacurate” related to the music that I was like “fuck man that was ME I was the one passed out on my stand in band class.”

  • Royce West
    Royce West7 days ago

    4:05 did it take anyone else a second to catch the joke😂

  • Deku
    Deku7 days ago

    Answer: nothing

  • Peter Depa
    Peter Depa7 days ago

    As a band student I can tell you it’s really easy to fall asleep in there. It’s the class I usually pass out it

  • Hello Depression
    Hello Depression7 days ago

    19 minutes, bruh

  • King Star GLK
    King Star GLK7 days ago

    everything wrong with cinemasins in one comment or less Human sin counter: ∞ he thinks hes funny why does he hate narrating? try watching home without narration youd have no idea whats happening hes another one of those guys that think the a word isnt a curse word why does he call them "sins"?? its so annoying why would anyone in their right mind give this guy a sponsor? add 100