Everything Wrong With Wonder Woman 1984 in 20 Minutes or Less

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Wonder Woman 1984. Or, if you prefer, WW84. It was certainly a movie. A movie that happened. Many of you saw it. Let's just say it isn't exactly great. And it's got sins like you wouldn't believe.
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  • Red Five
    Red FiveHour ago

    7:09 did u guys cut that or did the director not notice Pedro Pascal’s was pointing and then open in the next shot

  • That One Gaming Guy
    That One Gaming Guy2 hours ago

    You think the WW fill is just a rom-com chick flick where the main climax is marrying the pilot's body? Oh and aliens attack the 90's or something

  • Who cares
    Who cares5 hours ago

    You misspelled "Everything was wrong with Wonder Woman 1984"

  • Andy Miller
    Andy Miller10 hours ago

    Either doing flash back of Max or Amazonian would have been a better beginning

  • JimboJames Mendoza
    JimboJames Mendoza12 hours ago

    The whole movie its a sin itself.

  • LevixxX milkNekko._.
    LevixxX milkNekko._.12 hours ago

    you are narrating give yourself a sin😐

  • Rafi Ahmed
    Rafi AhmedDay ago

    Waiting for "everything wrong with the Snyder cut"

  • Mr_Crazyman 9612
    Mr_Crazyman 9612Day ago

    God this movie fricking sucked

  • David Meyer
    David MeyerDay ago

    This video has about six legitimate sins in it. The rest is nonsense that is just Jeremy making stuff up, pointing random things out, and stupid pop culture references.

  • da man236
    da man236Day ago

    30 seconds of paid promo... So what if they need money. SIN!

  • Ray The Kid
    Ray The KidDay ago

    When are you doing a face reveal? This man is so funny, I'd love to see his face 🤣🤣

  • lancourt
    lancourtDay ago

    A few more : >Steve 'died' in WW1 and he stunt drives a modern car in a chase/fight... In fact he accurately fires a rpg into a vehicle despite the fact that he has never seen one before. This is the same guy that was freaking out at the idea of an escalator >How much fuel does that plane have that it gets from DC to Cairo in one flight? and a museum plane is fueled and ready to go? >Barbara's 'turn to villany moment' was her going too far in beating up a rapist. Do they expect the audience to feel bad for the rapist when she beats him half to death? >At then end all the countries launch their nukes... But they launch the real nukes along with the wish nukes. So when the wish nukes disappear the real ones are still on the way

  • Paul Rizzo
    Paul RizzoDay ago

    DAMN this movie is bad. Like dogs**t bad. If it wasn’t for Gal, this wouldn’t be worth watching.

  • RUCH
    RUCHDay ago

    the worse movie ever lololol

  • ReggyDaGuy
    ReggyDaGuyDay ago

    Being a DC movie is +300 sins. You forgot to add that on to the total count.

  • Unknown Scientist
    Unknown ScientistDay ago

    CinemaSins: "No one is more or less valuable based on their footwear choices." Also CinemaSins: "Wonder Woman fights in wedges??? WEDGES???"

  • Stephanie B
    Stephanie BDay ago

    The fact they used television to grant wishes is a sin in itself. Imagine if you wished for a billion dollars. You get it. Are you still going to be watching TV when she asks you to renounce it? No, you are going to be going out to spend money or on the phone to tell people. Not, waiting for the person on TV to tell you anything after.

  • Big Boy
    Big BoyDay ago

    This movie was shit, but max lord was pretty cool, but he got shit at the end

  • The Average Joe
    The Average Joe2 days ago

    Barbara Minerva - *I want to become an aPeX pReDaToR* becomes Cats 2019. The greatest sin right there.

  • Neo Occisor
    Neo Occisor2 days ago

    He missed the foam wall Diana leans on and you can see her shoulder pad pushing the wall in

  • CodeName PizzaJr
    CodeName PizzaJr2 days ago

    I don’t even watch half the movies you post I just want to hear your criticism

  • Juvia GrayLover
    Juvia GrayLover2 days ago

    me: "a female character being in love is NOT an automatic sign of weakness!! You can have a love life and be a strong woman!" WW84: "are you sure about that?"

  • Jason Reynolds
    Jason Reynolds2 days ago

    Ever notice how every once in a while a movie comes out that makes you want to sh** blood? This is it!

  • Im a Dog
    Im a Dog2 days ago

    Skillshare is like a virus like 90% of USplan has sponsored it

  • Joe America
    Joe America2 days ago

    The people who were making movie knew how fast lightning moves , right?

  • Jefferson Xavier
    Jefferson Xavier2 days ago

    you have the voice of Cave Johnson. "when life give you lemons..."

  • Quantum Exia
    Quantum Exia2 days ago

    Dc movies suck marvel is literally superior when it comes to movies in every way

  • darynu
    darynu2 days ago

    "This fucking movie will never fucking end" I KNOW RIGHT?

  • greasy2007
    greasy20072 days ago

    I literally said the same thing at #47 while watching VEGANS!

  • greasy2007
    greasy20072 days ago

    Sin #20 and can I see the manager Hair! 😂😂

  • Nick Benke
    Nick Benke2 days ago

    The winking woman was Linda Carter - The original Wonder Woman!

  • Mark Schamber
    Mark Schamber2 days ago

    This whole movie was trash. It was ruined once they made Wonder Woman a rapist. But even without that, it would have been ruined with either of the two ridiculous villains and the stupid way the stone works or doesn't work.

  • zodiac slut
    zodiac slut2 days ago

    poor gal gadot

  • The 8th Outer God
    The 8th Outer God2 days ago

    If a terrorist wished for a nuke wouldn't he just idk detonate it if the consequences were more enemies coming for him? What if i wished for a cup of water and i already drank it how would i renounce my wish? Like the dude who wished for coffee, got it and his consequences were just a little beat of tongue burn. Not even counting the selfishness of human nature to not renounce their wish. What about people who didnt even hear him but whimsically wished for something. The whole movie was stupid. But on the other hand the whole movie was VERY much like a comic from the 80s would be. So i guess it's not that stupid is it

  • play boy
    play boy2 days ago


  • anubhab bhattacharyya
    anubhab bhattacharyya2 days ago

    Seriously the movie is way messed up than it seemed at first Don't know who deserves the credit for the first wonder woman movie really , her or Zack Snyder

  • WalkTheDreamscape
    WalkTheDreamscape2 days ago

    Holy shit this is still a thing? I stopped watching this "Everything wrong with" stuff years ago because at some point yall just became petty and started marking movies getting stuff wrong that werent even wrong. Also, dude that did the voiceover starting sounding angry like, took away from any fun these videos used to bring

  • LS1 Powered
    LS1 Powered2 days ago

    5:00 mark "You said Diana only knew Steve for a month and she is still pine-ing for him". You have to take into consideration that he is the first man she ever seen. I'm sure plenty of the Amazon women were tingling.

  • ric Gikonyo
    ric Gikonyo2 days ago

    Th3 Birdman Sends his Regards Dipsh!t

  • Desolator trooper
    Desolator trooper2 days ago

    Also technically the world has burned into a nuclear holocaust because there is no way that the only missiles fired where missiles wished for.

  • Fred Brooks
    Fred Brooks3 days ago

    Heyyy what’d I do!?

  • Nightmare Unleash
    Nightmare Unleash3 days ago

    This movie wasn’t that good

  • Matthew Gilmore
    Matthew Gilmore3 days ago

    only 143?

  • Simon Willis
    Simon Willis3 days ago

    They made it a woke sjw thing

  • Schoko_Popcorn
    Schoko_Popcorn3 days ago

    I thought the ending of the first Wonder Woman movie was very stupid and flat. Why have Ares to be an actual person, with a very poorly written battle dialogue? War still remained even after she defeated Ares. Now in Wonder Woman 1984 it's the same flat and stupid ending again. Everyone renounce their wishes? Really? Give me a break! At least the first movie was somewhat good overall. The second movie was just a disaster.

  • Fierce Devil
    Fierce Devil3 days ago

    Everything wrong with James and the Giant Peach

  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man3 days ago

    This movie is shit, and what’s worse it’s WONDER WOMAN! The third act of the first movie was pretty bad but it was still incredible

  • Daryl Kulenga
    Daryl Kulenga3 days ago

    9:13 This was technically rape

  • Azul Tarmizi
    Azul Tarmizi3 days ago

    Best part: Lasso of Truth suddenly changes to Lasso of Lies

  • ftd888
    ftd8883 days ago

    Don’t sugar coat the fact that Diana rapes that guy. And, if you think he’s dead, that’s still really horrible. She belongs on the sex offender registry. Also, on a much less important note, there are clearly 7 horses at the beginning of the movie...not 6.

  • Dawud red
    Dawud red3 days ago


  • Elena Phisher
    Elena Phisher3 days ago

    0:39 SKIP!!!

  • man in place
    man in place4 days ago

    This was such a shit movie

  • Pugface 562
    Pugface 5624 days ago

    This is going to be a very very long video that movie was terrible no worse than all of the Disney sequels combined

  • LostStudent
    LostStudent4 days ago

    "Whether you can see it or not, radar still bounces off metal objects." ... Really?? You think it's impossible that an invisible jet that redirects light around it can't do the same to radio waves??? Also, radar bounces off metal objects? Not exactly, otherwise how does radar detect birds???

  • Kokechii
    Kokechii4 days ago

    Where in the name of Pegasus' ghost is this horse going? - The way that I laughed, damn. Good one!

  • Lydia D
    Lydia D4 days ago

    Yo, you can fuck right off of wedges. Those are the ONLY heel I can see a superhero realistically fighting in. Its this or flats like a normal person.

  • Austin Boston
    Austin Boston4 days ago

    I feel like you went too easy on this movie, can we get a part two?

  • Adox 28
    Adox 284 days ago

    this movie was one of those movies where your just left with nothing but confusion over how the movie ended up being so bad, with the first one being really good.

  • Clestines Gianne Ang

    Clestines Gianne Ang

    2 days ago

    zack snyder cough cough

  • Lawrence Glover
    Lawrence Glover4 days ago

    I said it after the first movie and I’ll say it again. The writers for Wonder Woman have completely dumped a flaming pile of shit on everything. On Wonder Woman, on the image of powerful women, on history and powerful women in history, LITERALLY EVERYTHING!!!

  • ConcreteHades
    ConcreteHades4 days ago

    Near the end you equate anarchy with violence when nothing could be further from the truth, government has been the number 1 perpetrator of violence since someone came up with the idea of governance.

  • Nero Archangel
    Nero Archangel4 days ago

    Hey hey that jab at vegans, I felt that.. But I didn't even have TV like 10 years before I switched to plant based diet.

  • Nickolas Davis
    Nickolas Davis4 days ago

    “What is grief if not love preserving “

  • YK All Day
    YK All Day4 days ago

    oh I’ve been waiting for this one 😈

  • Aoife Clancy
    Aoife Clancy4 days ago

    Before the video even starts I was so disappointed with this film. The first Wonder Woman was so empowering and this one was like a cringy romantic comedy from the 80s, also the CGI cat transformation was really creepy honestly. The best part of the film was the flashback to Diana's childhood at the start.

  • Debo4735 X
    Debo4735 X4 days ago

    Garbage 🗑 movie, and I still want to know why Max's son was Asian. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Citizen- 7XL5
    Citizen- 7XL54 days ago

    Sin: R word You legitimately made Wonder Woman a R-word-ist, don’t care the dude wasn’t in control much like a woman getting ruffied in real life and it gets glazed over way too much if this had happened to superman every person would be cancelling the movie Edited it for the four letter word that starts with R and ends with E and has an A and P in the middle....

  • All Fiction
    All Fiction4 days ago

    I just realized this whole movie is basically a Fairly Oddparents episode.

  • NoSmoke Weeb
    NoSmoke Weeb4 days ago

    Aye don’t hate on pop tarts

  • Telly Vision
    Telly Vision4 days ago

    I wish DC will stop embarrassing themselves and leave the superhero stuff to Marvel

  • Almer Akbar
    Almer Akbar4 days ago

    Soo we all agree this movie isn't canon right? Cause this ruins so much of the worldbuilding in the other movies

  • Niranjan R
    Niranjan R4 days ago

    17:30 People like you have had everything while people like me have had nothing The woman is literally blaming her clumsiness bullshit on others

  • Niranjan R
    Niranjan R4 days ago

    Seems Wonder Woman is bad at understanding technology She doesn’t know breaking cameras are pointless The plane that Steve and her hijacks needs fuel The fact that invisibility and radar are completely different things

  • Romey2fresh
    Romey2fresh5 days ago

    “Fucking Fred” 😂😂😂

  • Shaznit
    Shaznit5 days ago

    They fucked up the moment they made the movie about wishes. Also Bruce should remember this shit and the world should still be in chaos lmao

  • Noa Entertainment
    Noa Entertainment5 days ago

    This could have been such a quick video The whole movie Done Except like 2 scenes.

  • Kibbles
    Kibbles5 days ago

    1:59 - Young Diana waste time mounting the horse furthest away from the water.

  • talgwatr
    talgwatr5 days ago

    I tried watching WW:1984......didn't make it past 15 minutes....Fuuuuuk!...It was written by a 12 yr old lil' girl !!!!!...1st movie was faaaar better!!

  • Harrison Baylor
    Harrison Baylor5 days ago

    13:40 Cairo and DC have a six hour difference, although the shadows are nearly identical. I know Barbara is inside but the sunlight coming from her window are coming down as if it’s mid day and Diana is in Cairo and it’s clearly mid day. Surprised they didn’t win this but obviously there’s no way more they didn’t sin. Just too many sins in one movie for one video.

  • Ethan Pergament
    Ethan Pergament5 days ago

    haven't watched one of these since quarintine

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml5 days ago

    I dont know why but Pedro Pascals delivery of the line "Life is good, but it can be better." is just hilarious.

  • Jan Zataj
    Jan Zataj5 days ago

    well TECHNICALLY if max renounces his wish, everyone's wish will get cancelled as they all got it from his wish. why am i defending this movie...

  • Layla And the Bee
    Layla And the Bee5 days ago

    Mad these guys put no nuclear weapons in Apartheid South Africa. Sinned x1000 for me.

  • HBlatz87
    HBlatz875 days ago

    So glad I never watched this now.

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    5 days ago

    ads to yourself please

  • Anonymous Human being
    Anonymous Human being5 days ago

    Holy shit you’re the Mandalorian! Vegans Max survives this Funniest ten seconds in cinema sins history

  • RiiDii
    RiiDii5 days ago

    "Doesn't she know this will lower her armor class?" Obviously, you don't understand how the female armor class works: Less = More, somehow.

  • Hades Dogs
    Hades Dogs5 days ago

    The truth is Diana won and that’s the truth and only the truth

  • Hades Dogs
    Hades Dogs5 days ago

    She won and in war winning is all that matters take ww2 for example where America had to commit mass murder just because an invasion of Japan would extend the war for at least another three years and so America went F it and dropped the two bombs

  • Belladonna
    Belladonna5 days ago

    Between Diana not be allowed to train until she was a teenager but somehow having the skills to beat Amazons in a training course when she's half their height, and absolutely NO mention of the insane global event in any of the future DC movies, I'm convinced that this movie was on an entirely different Earth to the main DCEU continuity. It's not like the stone wipes memories, or there wouldn't have been books about the stone detailing the destruction of civilisations and that renouncing wishes cancels it out.

  • Deep Kumar
    Deep Kumar5 days ago

    Cheetah's Prosper... 🤔

  • Avrai
    Avrai5 days ago

    strong female lead in super hero movie best comedy

  • jason Allen
    jason Allen5 days ago

    Hypergamy! A woman would've moved on long ago, a woman never misses a man to this extent!

  • Scørpio•Wølfie
    Scørpio•Wølfie5 days ago

    Barbara: Funny, all this reading has cured my eyesight somehow Me: Reading books was the reason I had to start wearing glasses

  • Jericho3030150
    Jericho30301505 days ago

    Wonder Woman 1984 4/10 I hate to say it but I rather watch Captain Marvel then Wonder Woman 1984

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson5 days ago

    CS: "Apparently her lasso can attach itself to the departing soul of her dead love, thus propelling her toward her destiny." ME: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm dead.

  • Reecherd Brown
    Reecherd Brown5 days ago

    Stupid Tim Heidecker =100,000,000 sins

  • Aleksandar Radovanovic
    Aleksandar Radovanovic5 days ago

    Tbf, Justice League didn't exist then.

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue5 days ago

    Funny thing is that Diana was able to enjoy her wish (quite literally) while others enjoyed it for less than a minute 😂

  • FlashBack Crew?
    FlashBack Crew?6 days ago

    Cinema sins says we should get a reward. Then proceeds to slam us with an ad instead of the usual goofy shit at the end of these videos. We all love that crap so keep your ads to yourself please

  • Endergamer
    Endergamer6 days ago

    You went way to easy on it