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  • The Future President of America
    The Future President of America3 hours ago

    This is the worst Cinemasins I’ve seen. The rest are way better (I like the rest of the cinemasins video) but this is the worst.

  • David Coutts
    David Coutts3 hours ago

    Assaulting an IRS agent is not a crime. It's a moral duty. :-))

  • Julio Dicochea
    Julio Dicochea3 hours ago

    Jeremy, you cant run forever you have to do the rocky movies and the godfather movies soon

  • Christus Dsouza
    Christus Dsouza3 hours ago

    FLAME ON!!!

  • Michael Bevi
    Michael Bevi3 hours ago

    You forgot the worst sin against all physics. The ice balls filled with lava are shot up into the air. They put a string over the cannon to stop the balls. Once the balls hit the string because physics the balls should have dropped back down but they continue to go up breaking the string and defying gravity. Lemme give you an example: if someone throws a ball horizontally and you stop it with your hand… the ball drops right. Because your hand stopped it’s momentum and motion. But what this movies scene basically was the equivalent to if someone threw the ball horizontally and then you put your hand out to stop it and when it hit your hand it continued to push on your hand and not fall and you had to struggle to push it pack until…it gets tired? And falls? That’s the point. Was the biggest F U to physics ever in any movie

    ELITE PHANTOM3 hours ago

    Love the new intro

  • Lucas Trimble
    Lucas Trimble3 hours ago


  • Iarland
    Iarland3 hours ago

    Ooh that Spielberg line was dark!!

  • David Stowers
    David Stowers3 hours ago

    For the time this movie was made, It was perfect. Every sin you give it is a reflection of your own inadequacy.

  • ??
    ??3 hours ago

    I didnt even realize there was a second one

  • 本田盾子
    本田盾子3 hours ago


  • Bradley Grimes
    Bradley Grimes3 hours ago

    6:47 - I don't know if smelling a bear is easier than smelling a human, but it took Fergus strangely long to smell the fact that there was a bear. He should have smelled Elinor's bear scent starting when Elinor first became a bear which was at 6:09.

  • The One Man Who Beat You
    The One Man Who Beat You3 hours ago

    Leslie Jones *Ding

  • The Wood You Knock On
    The Wood You Knock On3 hours ago

    I can't believe that CLASSIC Indigo Mantoya quote didn't get a sin removed

  • 猫J
    猫J3 hours ago

    did he just say "spaz" nonchalantly

  • Alexer
    Alexer4 hours ago

    Can you do one on Mitchell's VS The Mashines

  • Alexer
    Alexer3 hours ago

    Also I think it might only be on netflix

  • Alexer
    Alexer3 hours ago

    I probly got some words wrong

  • Avery Lockland
    Avery Lockland4 hours ago

    Follow-up to what I said in the last video - again, purposefully ignoring the context of the movie. Smith is a computer virus, essentially. He's unique because Neo accidentally gave him some of "The One" code in the first movie. He has visions because he absorbed the Oracle. The Smith that fights him is not the original first Smith (He died in the first movie) it is the LAST Smith, the one in the Oracle's body. Smith controls every body directly, hence his fine-tuning and power is reduced when splitting his resources between the many bodies. He is most powerful when he assimilates everything then channels that strength into one body. He fights Neo 1 on 1 so he can divert all his resources into that body.

  • Kevin Meeker
    Kevin Meeker4 hours ago

    Chris is well aware that Jeremy's frustration fuels us.

  • Paul 15
    Paul 154 hours ago

    6:43 well. Volcanoes aren’t just lava. The smoke you see is not harmless. The rains of fire and ash and especially the pyroclastic flows reach the hills and devour them, burning everything

  • pronins
    pronins4 hours ago

    Also you should have noted how Keanu’s character hardly gets freaked out upon his arrival at the castle, with all the weird supernatural things and Dracula’s demeanor.. The special effects are silly, but the fact that this completely ordinary guy doesn’t flinch while witnessing such bizarre, extraordinary things, deserves 10 sins at least 😂

  • Qruis S.
    Qruis S.4 hours ago

    Wait- you're telling me there's a second movie of Angry Birds?

  • Scorching animation Studios
    Scorching animation Studios4 hours ago

    So the film actively tells you why you gween went to the school and you kept it in You are very bad at lying my sir You could have just said why someone would someone let gween into this very prestigious School that's all you had to say but now I add you a sin

  • Jason Bleau
    Jason Bleau4 hours ago

    The rant that starts at 9:13 was more entertaining and inspired than this entire movie AND its predecessor combined

  • Bradley Grimes
    Bradley Grimes4 hours ago

    6:47 - How is that when Fergus first smelled earlier? Wouldn't it make more sense if he had first smelled starting from the moment that Elinor first became a bear?

  • Bradley Grimes
    Bradley Grimes4 hours ago

    first smelled Elinor, I mean

  • Bradley Grimes
    Bradley Grimes4 hours ago

    Well, yeah! I don't know if smelling a bear is easier than smelling a human, but at least, it took Fergus strangely long to realize that there was a bear.

  • Miguel Juarez
    Miguel Juarez4 hours ago

    Last time I remembered seeing him this angry was in Fast and Furious

  • ice killa
    ice killa4 hours ago

    Lmao his name is 50 cent real name backwards..curtis Jackson...Jackson curtis

  • George Stark
    George Stark4 hours ago

    08:48 Not likely. If the equipment is good, you don't need technique :-3

  • Casual Gamer Boi
    Casual Gamer Boi4 hours ago

    The force degrade the clone bodies very quickly

  • pronins
    pronins4 hours ago

    The 50 sins for KR’s “British” accent - bravo! It has always made me laugh but no one I’d mentioned it to had ever seemed to notice how terrible it was 😅

  • Bradley Grimes
    Bradley Grimes4 hours ago

    10:03 - If anyone besides Merida sees Elinor, then they might think that that's a statue, but not Elinor. Elinor is probably thinking about that as she gets by.

  • Tommy Gunn
    Tommy Gunn4 hours ago

    14:47 shooter chunks the hell out of his shot. Hit ground 3 inches before ball

  • Christopher
    Christopher4 hours ago

    First an Adam Sandler movie and now Angry Birds 2, a movie Iegit didn't even know existed. C'mon CinemaSins, y'all better than this. These movies are low hanging fruit.

  • Reed
    Reed4 hours ago

    I legit just remembered this movie a month ago being a thing !

  • StelOfThe Gods
    StelOfThe Gods4 hours ago

    this came out a year ago it was worth the wait

  • Windmelodie
    Windmelodie4 hours ago

    The part with Sitka sacrificing himself but not running away kinda makes sense. Sure, the cracking the ice at the right part may be too much, but he didn't run because moments earlier in the film, you saw him get whacked down by that bear. Even a smack by a bear paw is enough to crush your ribs if we assume the bear didn't injure you with its 4 inch long claws. Sitka was most likely severely injured and couldn't run anymore. Again, doesn't explain the ice cracking bit but yeah, I doubt I would be able to run after taking a bear smack to the chest.

  • Cayennefn
    Cayennefn4 hours ago

    why did i read "everything wrong with angry birds 19 in 2 minutes or less

  • Thomas the train
    Thomas the train4 hours ago

    Great job bro keep up the good work 👍👍👍


    14 seconds of CinemaSins LOGOs

  • Flesh_Clock
    Flesh_Clock4 hours ago

    There was a second one of these?

  • Berzerker0408
    Berzerker04084 hours ago

    No sins knocked off for Quint’s speech about the USS Indianapolis?

  • Derk At Work
    Derk At Work4 hours ago

    There’s a sequel???

  • Alejandro Lara
    Alejandro Lara4 hours ago

    I've been wating for this

  • TheDude_59
    TheDude_594 hours ago

    I gotta say, to me it feels quality of these videos dipped a lot. Not sure wheter its the felt lack of research, sinning stuff which is explained or whatever there is.

  • Maxwell Pekich
    Maxwell Pekich4 hours ago

    To be fair there is a London Ontario

  • Marko
    Marko4 hours ago

    Idk why but for some reason i thought up a "Remy transforming into Gustou in a dream" sequence and my brain went "yeah that happened" so now im scarred, lol

  • Davewitdabag
    Davewitdabag4 hours ago

    “college!”😂😂😂😂funny ash

  • overgrown
    overgrown4 hours ago

    I didn't even know there was a AB 2...

  • Nkosikhona Mazongolo
    Nkosikhona Mazongolo4 hours ago

    This is going to be brutal...

  • leroy jenkins
    leroy jenkins4 hours ago


  • Denis Londa
    Denis Londa4 hours ago

    The loose atom transmurally blot because catamaran joly possess anenst a savory seat. general gentle, devilish cap

  • Miles_T _Prower
    Miles_T _Prower4 hours ago

    9:11 He sounds so awkward

  • James Wyndham Stirling
    James Wyndham Stirling4 hours ago

    Watching this when it's 3 hours old.

  • hammerings
    hammerings4 hours ago

    sin the Prince of Egypt

  • GhostRyder Gaming
    GhostRyder Gaming4 hours ago

    The only thing wrong with this movie is it ends

  • Fay Robinson
    Fay Robinson4 hours ago

    why is one of these age rated and this one isnt im confused was there more sex in the other one or something

  • Emaxus
    Emaxus4 hours ago

    Plz sin Tremors (1990)

  • Avery Lockland
    Avery Lockland4 hours ago

    You know, I love this channel, and unlike most people I realize this is all a joke and not serious. But I have to point out, CinemaSins did this with SuckerPunch too where they completely ignored half of the context to a lot of the things they commented on, like... everything about the Agents and Smith.

  • Ninja_thelord
    Ninja_thelord4 hours ago

    Did he seriously not point out the dabbing billboard?

  • JurassicSmackdown
    JurassicSmackdown4 hours ago

    "Everything wrong with The Last Airbender in 5 minutes or less" Just play the movie fast enough to fill 5 minutes and there ya go

  • Daniel Uman
    Daniel Uman4 hours ago

    18:24 😂😂😂😂

  • Bujdosó Gyula
    Bujdosó Gyula4 hours ago

    There are more things wrong: like the scene where Cain dies. His brain is torn out of the giant robot yet he still sees Robocop through the robot's lenses even though the brain is disconnected from the robot's body.

  • mrgame4
    mrgame44 hours ago

    "the books do not fucking matter"

  • JackoJaxko
    JackoJaxko4 hours ago

    Why does Pigs in Thongs Sound like an actual sex tape or movie?,Also Jeremy you're getting sin for making me think of that *Ding*

  • Ryan Harold
    Ryan Harold4 hours ago

    I hate this movie with a passion

  • Nightbomb17
    Nightbomb174 hours ago

    8:38 Speaking of Impractical Jokers, how about everything wrong with Impractical Jokers: The Movie

  • Quinn Rockatansky
    Quinn Rockatansky4 hours ago

    Why does Ben Afleck look like AVGN? If he doesn't drink a Rolling Rock then fuck this movie.

  • Ryan Lytle
    Ryan Lytle4 hours ago

    The amount of water that the pig submarine displaces by simply moving will cause a tsunami way bigger than the one the birds created

  • Hope Ring
    Hope Ring4 hours ago

    "Thomas the Wank Engine"?

  • Ryan Bearse
    Ryan Bearse4 hours ago


  • SparkPlayz
    SparkPlayz4 hours ago

    I think he just straight up lost it XD

    SHADOWWOLF774 hours ago

    The one good attempt at making Western animation... Problem was we never took animated movies serious in those days...

  • Sgt. Blue Slate
    Sgt. Blue Slate4 hours ago

    Can you sin... Billy madison Alvin and the chipmunks Diary of a wimpy kid (especially the fourth one) Wonder Home alone 3, 4 and 5 Matilda Wayne's world Remember no movie is without a sin!

  • Sun Mai
    Sun Mai4 hours ago

    Can we add another sin that the priest or the producer didn't tell the actual truth of La Llorona? Because the only reason why La Llorona was cursed to roam North America is to find her lost sons and then she would be sent to heaven or smt. And La Llorona accidentally drowns her sons because according to one of her stories, she became angry when she saw her husband (an explorer) is with another woman who is dressed high classed like him and so La Llorona became enraged and her sons killed in the river. And another sin should be added because La Llorona is mostly spotted at night and by some places that go along that certain river.

  • Oof Mcscooch
    Oof Mcscooch4 hours ago

    Chuck could’ve both just saved the eggs in the first movie and stopped her plot in the second movie if he just actually USED his speed that we know he has.

  • Mahliqa Mohyuddin
    Mahliqa Mohyuddin4 hours ago

    Ahhhhh finalllyyyyy

  • Ryan Bearse
    Ryan Bearse4 hours ago


  • Mr Velic
    Mr Velic4 hours ago

    Ah yes, everything wrong with Angry Birds 2 Number 1: The movie

  • Marinho Marinho
    Marinho Marinho4 hours ago

    There is no stop time in soccer

  • Alexander Dujmovic
    Alexander Dujmovic4 hours ago

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!!! My excitement is restored and my day is made. :)