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  • Fharish Ahmed
    Fharish Ahmed18 hours ago

    So, I watched the review, then the three parts of Cinema Wins, now I am watching Cinema Sins.... I swear, This movie is going to be totally confusing when I watch it tomorrow.

  • Soyuz da Villan
    Soyuz da Villan19 hours ago

    Cantonese is a language not a nationality... SIN!!

  • bareknuckles2u
    bareknuckles2u19 hours ago

    ...except this movie is awesome! Dumb, but awesome!

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie19 hours ago

    But it’s true though because the Pacific Ocean is the most beautiful thing because when I got out of prison I was drinking a 4 pack of rum and coke and watched the sunset over the ocean 🌊

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie19 hours ago

    Kermit the frog and elmo

  • Liam Warner
    Liam Warner19 hours ago

    Great even cinemasins say's I'm not human as I've slept like both of them.

  • Carson Donaldson
    Carson Donaldson19 hours ago

    Actually Hogwarts is in Scotland not England

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie19 hours ago

    Fossilised horse shit,horse apple,u mean horse shit

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie19 hours ago

    The South Pacific Ocean is as blue as the sky

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie19 hours ago

    Morgan freeman has always been old

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie19 hours ago

    I had to come to prison to be a crook

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie19 hours ago

    Get busy living or get busy dieing

  • RobynDaVixen
    RobynDaVixen19 hours ago

    Two minutes of self-advertisement. *Ding!*

  • King Cosmas
    King Cosmas19 hours ago

    I almost feel like the idea for Barney’s character stemmed from Neil Patrick Harris in this movie, I got such Barney vibes from his character

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie19 hours ago

    Bruce banner slaps himself come on hulk come out,noooo;so obviously hulk was scared and now 18 months in the gamma lab brains and brawn built together best of both worlds

  • The Midgar Badass
    The Midgar Badass19 hours ago

    3:44 well that’s counterintuitive

  • h311whitl0v3
    h311whitl0v319 hours ago

    why does voice sound like donut operator This buggin me out im confused lol

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie19 hours ago

    U said 14 million and in 1 we win right,if I tell you what’s going to happen it won’t happen so obviously in end game strange knew what tony was going to do

  • DJTheArtist
    DJTheArtist19 hours ago

    It was Agatha all along

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie19 hours ago

    U should have gone for the head.....end game I went for his head

  • Fashion and the Kicks
    Fashion and the Kicks19 hours ago

    8:04 They are, aren’t they?

  • TerrarianArtist
    TerrarianArtist19 hours ago

    Dude Oh sounds like Sheldon from BBT

  • Kevin Barksdale
    Kevin Barksdale19 hours ago

    If the killer's motivation was realted to his parents giving him a strict Southern Baptist upbringing then he would not have been doing his murders based on the "seven deadly sins" as that is "strictly" a Catholic belief and has nothing to do with Southern Baptists. The only way the alleged 7 deadly sins would have made sense would have been if all the victim had not only been guilty of the deadly sin, but were also Catholic and the Southern Baptist upbringing was attacking the false doctrine of Catholicism.

  • Black Profile
    Black Profile19 hours ago

    Poppy: Bergens Don't Sing Bergens: Sings A Song Describing Themselves Bridget: Hellooo-

  • number summer027
    number summer02720 hours ago

    Waiting for roof dinner🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Macephtophelesッ
    Macephtophelesッ20 hours ago

    1:25 *Incredible foreshadowing alert...* Genuinely curious how it'll be explained. Letty was "killed" offscreen so was clearly a paper-thin way of being able to say "Well... we didn't actually *SEE* her death so... who knows?" but with Han then it was not only shown more times than Zack Snyder likes to show Bruce's parents dying but was a central point of two films as well as a twist ending to this film and it was very clearly in a busy public area so there was no doubting his death. But then... Fast and Furious franchise...

  • Midec
    Midec20 hours ago

    13:50 the whole joke of the invisible car is that it should be easily visible because of light reflecting off it and stuff... that was literally one of the reasons you made why megamind was GOOD in everything GREAT about Megamind.

  • jesuscross9
    jesuscross920 hours ago

    I subtract all the sins from the movie for making me feel all warm and fuzzy at the end. The biggest sin not mentioned is that if a person got to live in a universe with no consequences he would get a lot darker than just suicide. Ever play GTA? After a while you stop trying to do missions and just start blowing stuff up.

  • FrizzKid05
    FrizzKid0520 hours ago

    You should have used a Kazaam audio clip at the end of the movie. It would have been soooooo easy..

  • shivouls wankstain
    shivouls wankstain20 hours ago

    I wonder who would win in a fight batman or V but I love both

  • George Oldsterd
    George Oldsterd20 hours ago

    It was four in the morning one summer, i was trying to fall asleep, but couldn't, and i watched this movie and tried to write music that night. Weird experience.

  • George Oldsterd
    George Oldsterd20 hours ago

    No outtake for Total Recall? Yet another missed opportunity! *DING!*

  • Narasimham K L
    Narasimham K L20 hours ago

    i tried to sin this movie and my tally went up to 916.... you under-sinned this film

  • Icebird Dragonsoul
    Icebird Dragonsoul20 hours ago

    Hahahaha!!! I loved the part where the guy got cut in half by a blade thing!!! IT WAS HILARIOUS!!

  • Talbott
    Talbott20 hours ago

    Uh...I kinda actually saw The Force Awakens and thought, "Palpatine plays into this" Few things: Palpatine being the driving antagonist of the first two trilogies, thus it made sense for him to be that for this trilogy since it directly relates to those two. Palpatine's conversation with Anakin about Darth Plagus. I figured Plagus superceded death by implanting his consciousness in his apprentice, Sidious. So I thought Snoke was a conduit or something for Sidious/Plagus and he planned to body swap with Kylo as his new young body.

  • Adam Ethan Crow
    Adam Ethan Crow20 hours ago

    Wow. Trying to be too clever, this one is awful. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Lildoc911
    Lildoc91120 hours ago

    Not sure How I didn't see this in my feed. Weird.

  • George Oldsterd
    George Oldsterd20 hours ago

    I remember this one. The movie itself was interesting but forgettable. Never understood the point of making a movie then turning it into a cartoon using cgi. 🤷

  • Angge
    Angge21 hour ago

    omg no one can really top this channel in terms of rating cinema sins lmao

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson21 hour ago

    Seriously though, if you watch Destination Wedding with the mindset that it's John Wick meeting his wife...then it's actually a pretty hilarious movie. Especially seeing how Keanu was clearly still in Wick mode and a lot of what comes out of his mouth is PURE John Wick. Particularly during the wild puma scene and the backstory about his relationship between him and his dad.

  • Andrew Dowell
    Andrew Dowell21 hour ago

    This movie scared me as a kid, absolutely hated it lol

  • Natasha A.
    Natasha A.21 hour ago

    I have a birthmark on my cheek on one side of my face and I dont wear enough makeup to cover it up, but nobody has ever made me feel like I'm ugly or I have something on my face. Some might be curious about it but that's extremely rare and it's not really them being rude, they are just curious. Most people don't really care, they would rather just go about their day or just avoid talking about it I guess. It's not really that bad.

  • Talbott
    Talbott21 hour ago

    Man, even seeing a cut up movie review, filled with humorous commentary at the movie's expense, still makes me so depressed. Remembering all the potential, all the excitement, all the hope that this sequel trilogy had, only for it to be lost in mediocrity and camp.

  • Ken Surrency
    Ken Surrency21 hour ago

    BA NA NAAA!!!

  • Michael Ingram
    Michael Ingram21 hour ago

    Hulk tried to lift the hammer in avengers 1 and failed, so yeah

  • adam shook
    adam shook21 hour ago

    X100 sins when comparing this shitshoe of a movie to the book it was based on. Steve Allen has to regret selling the rights

  • Isn't Anything
    Isn't Anything21 hour ago

    Why is she the May Queen in late June?

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H21 hour ago

    Dr Zaus, Dr Zaus, Dr Zaus!

  • Isn't Anything
    Isn't Anything21 hour ago

    Midsommar is one of the worst pieces of garbage in recent memory.

  • Kai Malik
    Kai Malik21 hour ago

    "All we know is that it's not Heath. And leaving him off the Ledger is certainly a sin." This man Jeremy came with bars wtf.

  • Mack Dade
    Mack Dade21 hour ago

    ...everything wrong with the Purge in less than two seconds, it's a stupid fucking concept for a movie...

  • Siddharth Jayakumar Menon
    Siddharth Jayakumar Menon21 hour ago

    can you please sin johnny english

  • Davis
    Davis21 hour ago

    Was I not supposed to like it Zazu before?

  • Mit1017
    Mit101721 hour ago

    A huge sin was Black Widows make up job. Holy crap it was terrible.

  • Sebas Davis
    Sebas Davis21 hour ago

    4:22 - 4:45 "Hahaha, Murica!"

  • Riley X
    Riley X21 hour ago

    6:12 lol actually yeah. He's a master tactician. He's just that good.

  • eric han
    eric han21 hour ago

    R. Lee!!!!

  • T_rev210
    T_rev21021 hour ago

    Moon never realized the prize was 100,000 dollars until its way too far into the movie

  • souths last rebel
    souths last rebel21 hour ago

    He didn't say "we had a hover conversion." He said" yeah well you had a hover conversion"

  • Zakodactyl 42
    Zakodactyl 4222 hours ago

    For a 3 hour movie it only got 45 sins that’s impressive

  • Basti Valles
    Basti Valles22 hours ago

    Go back on animation sins

  • Blair Alastor
    Blair Alastor22 hours ago

    You should do a episode for Aquamarine. Very sinful xD cinemasins

  • Niranjan R
    Niranjan R22 hours ago

    CinemaSins: there’s a virus out there that can kill people, no way ANY Govt would act so irresponsibly Me (in 2020): o__o are you sure abt that

  • The Craftsmith Kid
    The Craftsmith Kid22 hours ago

    Well to answer ur question in Greek mythology Poseidon created horses out of sea foam so horses do represent water.

  • Brian
    Brian22 hours ago

    in e Nortons squeal he goes from stralling in the rain here to running through it as a warm up

  • DaBoi Moi
    DaBoi Moi22 hours ago

    The grey is a great movie

  • Samson Hendrix III
    Samson Hendrix III22 hours ago

    Wake da Forever!😅... how about Good Kind People Forever.

  • Mrfox 27
    Mrfox 2722 hours ago

    Bro what's not bad about this movie Oh wait. . . nothing

  • Lycan_Jedi
    Lycan_Jedi22 hours ago

    This Dude gave revenge of the Sith 430k plus sins, while movies like The Meg got under 200..

    GODSGENERAL22 hours ago

    Sin 13, 21, 40, and 86 are the only ones I agree on..especially sin 86

  • Mia von Randow
    Mia von Randow22 hours ago

    the 1k dislikes is from every god damn, once upon a time in children movies.

  • IKEA Bird
    IKEA Bird22 hours ago


  • •Funtime Bonnie•
    •Funtime Bonnie•22 hours ago

    The title: In 10 minutes or less The video: 11 minutes long

  • Jason C
    Jason C22 hours ago

    Death by snusnu lmfao

  • Jason C
    Jason C22 hours ago

    Cup of dirt lmfao

  • Hawksfan88
    Hawksfan8822 hours ago

    He's just complaining about minor mistakes in the movie scenes and not even explaining why he thinks its bad.

  • Hawksfan88
    Hawksfan8823 hours ago

    Its funny how this movie is already almost 3 years old and this guys finally making a movie about why its so "bad" in 2020.

  • Billy Kidman
    Billy Kidman23 hours ago

    Took me half way through this review to realize this isn't "Ma" and I've never felt less intelligent.

  • Ronn Harvey Nacario
    Ronn Harvey Nacario23 hours ago

    0:58 wtf elon musk? Makes Sense why he's in a movie with lots of high tech things

  • Sammy Boi
    Sammy Boi23 hours ago

    Everything wrong with this movie? *The existence of the movie franchise as a whole.*